July 2, 2007

Jakarta Fair - a shopping trip recap

Of various events take place in Jakarta, one that I always look forward to is Jakarta Fair. It is an annual fair usually held for the whole month. This year the event is being held to coincide with Jakarta's 480th anniversary. A wide range of products is exhibited from automotive accessories, motorcycles, electronics, furniture, food, to traditional handicrafts and garments from provinces throughout Indonesia. If you like handicrafts, it is the best place to find ethnic treasures from regions all over the country. Superior workmanship, batiks, ikats, gems, brass & exquisite silverware and wooden carvings are put on display in a distinctively Indonesian setting and ambience. The entrance fee is about USD 2 and you can spend time as far as your feet can take you. Yes, the whole place is huge!!! It is in the same expo building where my company normally exhibited. The area is divided into Hall A, B, C, D, E and another sector in the middle.

When I went there two weekends ago, the place was too crowded for people to walk because it is coincide with the school holiday. So after 3 hours wandering around, I called it a day leaving the area with satisfaction on my face. I bought several things, mostly batik, T-shirts, some handicrafts ... as you all can see on the following pictures.

batik quilt bed-cover

batik cushion cover

another batik cushion cover

kain panjang batik

batik sarong

batik table cover

batik skirt

hand-painted wooden batik duck

hand-painted wooden batik elephant

hand painted wooden batik cats