May 27, 2009

Neko loves the camera more than Suneo

Ever since I owned my first digital camera I spent a lot of times taking photographs of my late dog, Fatso. But it is not always easy to hold them in position. Suneo for example, whenever I started taking his pictures he will walk away or runs toward the camera. I think Suneo sees the lens as one big eye looking at him that`s why he doesn`t like them! I have better luck (sometimes) taking photos while Suneo is distracted or when he is about to fall asleep.

Neko, on the other hand is an easy target and doesn't mind having her picture taken.
She cooperates, she does not look away as long as she feels relaxed and you be very very quiet when you take her pictures. My experience photographing animal is using a zoom lens, be patience and try to use the natural light (no flash). Here are some recent shots of Suneo and Neko. Enjoy!