December 31, 2008

Pictures of the old buildings in Bandung

Inspired by Toni's recent trip to Bandung, I went to Bandung a day after Christmas and took several shots of the art deco heritage there. I was not really satisfied with the results but I don't like to keep them too long in my archives too. All photos were taken by Canon 450D & Tamron 17-50mm/f2.8 lens.

Happy New Year everyone! May it be happy and healthy, since it seems unlikely to be wealthy for many of us...

December 8, 2008

Sorry, long time no post!

Hello's been a long time since I posted here. I have a lot going on this week. Just got back from a week expo (annual expo) in Jakarta, still feeling tired esp. with bad migraine that hits me all day from yesterday :( Today I try to catch up on everything possible: emails, paperworks, follow-ups etc...To all my blogging friends who have been visiting and leaving comments here, I will make it up to you soon! promise...