April 27, 2009

Updates and tails of two kitties

Hi everyone, sorry I haven`t been around much lately. I also have not visited or commenting on your blogs , I just have seemed to withdraw into myself lately. I guess I have been trying to deal with too many things all at the same time. My permanent move to Canada, coping with the cold weather here, marital life, living in a small town and of course the never ending stories about Suneo (my cat) and Neko (the resident cat)here.
Now talking about the two kitties. Neko is a big fat furry laid back female adult of about 9 years of age, she is a good people cat and has been the only cat in the house for many years. She is grumpy and very very hissy and has viciously swatted at Suneo for the first two weeks we were here. Neko is also on a diet under her Vet's order, which she doesn't like and often get jealous when Suneo eats his treats. Neko has this special radar that she would awake from her sleep the moment she hears a treat's bag is being opened!

Suneo the bad boy is a 2 1/2 years old male Siamese who has an excess of energy and no where for that energy to go. He is a talker (he meows a lot), when I say meowing he really can meow at any time of the night or in the wee hours of the morning. He loves to run around the house and bouncing from one place to another, he is very active and probably too much for an older cat like Neko. The introduction phase did not go well at first, esp. when naughty Suneo would dare to go near Neko...the hissing and growling ensued, to be sure. The third week was the major turning point when Suneo's tail was accidentally get squeezed by the bedroom door and I got scracthed and severedly bitten by him because of that. Suneo thought he was being attacked by Neko who constantly hissing and blocking his way while I tried to separate them from attacking each other. I got an anti tetanus shot and had to take a week of antibiotic because of that but the good news is ... since that incident Neko began to warm up to Suneo although she still won't let Suneo to get too close to her. The above picture is one of the rare moment where the two of them can share the same spot together. Suneo is usually the one who creates the trouble by stalking Neko and he seems to enjoy it even if it means Neko would chase him down.

I will keep you all posted on how things are progressing.