February 6, 2009

25 Random Things, tagged by Lalita

Here they are in no particular order :

1. I prefer savory over sweet. If I had to choose between potato chips or a bar of chocolate, I would choose chips! ...but there are times that I crave for something sweet, yet I don't really eat sweets all that much. I also like sour taste.

2. I’m not really much a jewelry person. My friends say its odd, but I do not like to wear any jewelry at all. A watch is ok.

3. Gasoline/petrol smell nauseates me.

4. I am an autodidact.

5. I'm not afraid being in the dark room, listening to ghost stories or watching ghost movies but I'm very scared of street crimes esp. purse snatcher on motorbike. They are ruthless people.

6. I am grateful for all the blessings that I have been granted in my life.

7. Two days ago (Feb 4) marks the two year anniversary of Fatso's (my dog) passing. I still cry when I think of that moment.

8. I used to dislike cats until I took Suneo in. For some inexplicable reasons he acts like a dog sometimes. Suneo wags his tail like a dog and comes when he's called or when I talk to him. He also likes to play fetch like Fatso. I believed my dog spirit lives in Suneo.

9. I spoiled Suneo as much as I spoiled my nephew/nieces. He is free to sleep on my bed or anywhere he likes in the house, he can claw things or tear up the furniture and I won't get mad at him. I did the same thing to my late dog, Fatso.

10. I've been attacked and bitten by dogs many years ago, once through the back coz I lied face down and covered my head and once on the hand. I still love dogs as you can tell by Fatso stories but I get nervous around dobberman.

11. I do not fancy roses. I'd preferred daisies.

12. I have 10 moles on my face and body and all in the left side (strange huh?).

13. I always eat my food in order. For example if I eat salad that consists of lettuce, tomato, cucumber and mango or strawberries, I would eat tomato first, follow by cucumber, lettuce then mango/strawberry.

14. I like veggies, herbs etc...except coriander leaves. I just do not like the smell and the taste of it.

15. I love to bake and cook, I find it relaxing.

16. I can’t go a day without eating fruits. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be fresh fruits, any kind except durians!

17. I'm more scared of fire than water (flood). When I was little my parents house almost get burned from the fire that started from a neighbor's house. I'm not a traumatized person but big fire really scares me.

18. I don't listen to music very often or keep up on the new bands/songs.

19. I love traveling but I hate being in the flight or car too long to reach the destination.

20. I do not pray enough or go to the church as much as I used to but I always carry a rosary and a small book prayer on my purse.

21. I can't draw, can't sing, therefore, I take pictures. Photography gives me the means to capture what my eye sees and preserve it to relive and share.

22. I love collecting batiks, cushion covers, bed covers, curtains, crafts. I almost always buy things from crafts expo.

23. Zillions of motorbikes in Jakarta scare the crap out of me when crossing the street.

24. I like being a neat freak. I don't like to let dishes pile up in the sink. I go through my desk, personal things and other stuffs with some regularity, tossing things I haven't used in a long time.

25. I google everything. If I’m going somewhere, get medical prescription , or doing something I haven’t before, I seek information as much as I can about it first.

26. I dearly love the sound of water from the pot fountain that is used for home decoration. It gives a sense of peacefulness.

There you go. Instead of tagging people I'll just leave it open to whoever would like to do it! :)


Fun said...

waduh jadi banyak tentang Fatso yak.. ikutan sedih jadinya...

Anonymous said...

You google everything...LOL, that is me, too.

I don't like dishes piling up but my office is a mess!

therry said...

I believe Suneo is a reincarnation of Fatso!! It can't be a coincidence that he is much alike Fatso. Although his habit might change a bit, you can't blame him, he must be thrilled being a cat and able to jump on top of drawers and desks! LOL

boy said...

27. you just wrote 26 random things instead 25 :)

Elyani said...

@Parvita : internet surely provide lots of benefits and has made our life easier...

@Therry: LOL...being a cat "Fatso" reincarnation loves rains and thunders, his biggest phobia when Fatso still alive!

@Boy: oh boy, I didn't even aware that I wrote up to 26...keasikan kalee ya!

Anonymous said...

Good to know you more g/f!

The photo is lovely as always! :)

Creative Vignettes said...

Love your entries and photo! (Abby Lanes)

tere616 said...

El, ternyata banyak mirip ya.

I saw you still miss Fatso, have to hold my breath when you share Fatso's with us last Sunday

BTW, I always bring Rosary in my bag, seems that I've Rosary at each of my bag :-)

Photography, yup... enjoy it to the bone. Thanks for sharing your knowledge El. We should meet again so I can learn more before ... :-)

Pst .. do you mind share with me the pict that you've taken last Sunday ? I never saw anybody took my pict like you :-)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Instead of finding the similarities, I am going to find the differences. Because... opposites attract! Right?

- "Gasoline/petrol smell nauseates me" > It kinda gets me going (yes i am a freak)

- "I also like sour taste" > I hate yang asem2...I only crave it once in a while, normally in summertime

- "I like veggies, herbs etc...except coriander leaves. I just do not like the smell and the taste of it." > I LOVE corriander and sprinkle it on everything (I should take note to keep it on the side in case I have a chance to cook for you hehe)

- "I can’t go a day without eating fruits...except durians!" > I am not much of a fruit person, it is normally my last choice of things to eat, and I ADORE durians ^_^

- "I can't draw, can't sing" > I love drawing and singing, ok at both although far from being the best

Surely, we BOTH love taking pictures eh? I have a major lens envy (50mm 1.4...what's that like?) *grin*

Great post, El. I love learning more about people (halah, nosy). I think I've done mine in facebook somewhere...