April 7, 2007

About Lindsey

Linds with Mr. Hippo when she was 2 years old.Well, this has been a long weekend! I do not think this weekend could have been any better! I have some light stories to share from my recent trip to Singapore. It is about my 11 y/o niece, Lindsey. Despite my busy schedule at Expo I managed to spend some time with her and my sister so that we could all really talk and really listen to each other. As a single parent, my sis is sometimes struggling with what to do. When Linds still a toddler, everything is new and breathlessly anticipated, so the changes are not dramatic. But now while my sis was busy with the day to day business of life, her daughter is fast growing. Linds is only 11 years old but she is now almost catching up my height (5 ft 2 inches) and her shoes is 2 size bigger than mine. When she is being a bad girl, Linds likes to spend her time in front of the computer playing game or watching her favorite cartoon movies for hours. It is difficult to ask her to go bed early. But some other days she is just a sweet mommy's little girl who likes to play with her dolls. Linds also loves to give her mom hugs and kisses like she's never gonna see her again. She wrote several "I love you mommy" in a tiny little note that she sticked in the computer, bedroom door and the books drawer. Overall, it gives my sis some crazy days to look forward to with her own little critter ... LOL! The truth is that it doesn't get any easier to raise the kid alone but the fun is that they learn together. And the best way to do that is to keep the lines of communication open.

Hope everyone has a great long weekend. Take care out there!


Belle TH said...

your niece is pretty. she is tall at her age. and her feet size is 2 sizes bigger? i am a size 8 just so you know. lucky, she gets to be around computer at such an early age. hope, she uses it to her advantage by availing also of educational programs and useful info in the internet not just computer games..hehe.

when kids were little, about her age, i was adamant at sending them to bed at certain time. i made them turn off the computer at certain time.

laylasmom said...

I salute your sis for being able to raise her daughter alone. It's not easy (even with a hubby).

My 3 yr old is also addicted to the internet but like belle, I limit her use and make sure she has other interesting things to do outdoors.

Elyani said...

To Belle,

I am a size 3 or 4 depending on the shoes model. My niece is size 5. I tried her school shoes one time and she cant stop giggling seeing me looking like a clown. I wish my sis can be a little harder on her but Linds is a very soft hearted girl. She is a sweet girl, really. She just deprived for some attentions.

To Fe,

Yep....... and that's the biggest difference I see with the kids today. They are smart enough to know what they have and are really taking advantage of our softie spot sometimes. I wish my niece lives nearby. In Singapore you hardly seeing kids visiting their friends and play together. Linds spends her time in childcare after school where she only meets the same kids and same activity (doing her homeworks, taking nap there) everyday. Her quality time with her mom is in the evening and on weekends. It would be nice if I can see her running around the neighborhood playing games and building things like when I was a kid, but that is just impossible to do in Singapore.

NursyE said...

She sure is turning to be a pretty young lady. Raising children is never easy, we just do the best we can and hope that what we instill in them pays off for them.Thank you for sharing.