April 7, 2007

I am back ...


...tired looking me on the last day of Expo

Hello all! ... a quick note here before you all think I have slipped into the black hole and disappeared forever! Well, life has been so busy that it seems I hardly have time to do much of anything. Expo, family matter and works have taken precedent over the internet blogging. I think I just needed to utilise my time as efficiently as possible so that paperworks dont pile up unnecessarily. I know my ramblings as of late have been just that...ramblings of a grumpy old woman :) Truth be told I am really clueless to my cough problem. I have had a cough for about two weeks now. It got a bit better when I was in Singapore but on the last day of Expo I think I inhaled a lot of dusts when I helped packing the goods. I don't know what is causing the cough. It may be a foreign particle in the lung that I got after the flood, or could it be an infection??? I probably need to see a Pulmonologist as the meds from the doctor before I left for Singapore didn't work at all.


Belle TH said...


now, i have a glimpse of the Expo that you have been mentioning before. i would love to go to the Expo and have you show me around. by the way, you look great in the photo.

laylasmom said...

Is this like a tech/electronics expo? You have reasons to be grumpy, work gets into you sometimes.

Don't ignore even a small discomfort, try to see a Doc, ok? Take care and feel better :)

Elyani said...

Belle & Fe,

The Expo that my company always participated is the Manufacturing Technologies Association kind of show. We do sell a lot of equipment which concentrates in comprehensive range of metrology instruments, tools and precision industrial metrology products.
About my cough, am having an appointment to see the specialist tomorrow. Thanks for your kind concern.

NursyE said...

That Fe is sounding like a nursy, isn't she... hehehe!!!

You are just one hardworking Miss Expo... I always say that your employer will just be so lost without you.

Do take care of yourself, sweet girlfriend.