March 27, 2007

First steps

Step, step, step step...

Arms reaching out and giggle.

Posing in front of the aquarium.

The dolphin saying hi to Alex!

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a long time but over the past seven days or so, I was fighting with the sore throat and cough virus / bugs. I have so many pictures to post from my last weekend, but as I said in my previous post, I've been so disturbed by my sore throat problem and works demand my attention. In addition I now have to get ready for another Expo in Singapore (MTA Expo March 28 ~ March 31). My boss rang me on Sunday (it was last minute call) as they are short handed with staffs to look after the show. I don't like Expo so much but I haven't gone to S'pore for quite some time either. So I hope I can sneak to go shopping or spend my time with my niece over the weekend. Lindsey is so excited am going to stay in her place. Last night I was busy packing things for her, mostly food!

Anyway, above are the pics from last weekend with my nephew, Alex. He took his first wobbly steps only about 3 weeks ago. From then on his steps became more steady, but he would still only take a few steps and then plopped down to his bum. This past weekend he just started taking off. He can walk across rooms, turn around, and climbing the stairs. I think he is too excited with his new-found feet to notice.


Belle TH said...


just got back in Manila. great, you now have a blog and it is looking good. will write longer comments when i get back home. take care, my dear friend.

NursyE said...

He is such a darling!!! Have a nice trip in Singapore.

LaylaSMom said...

I tried leaving a msg on your chatbox but it's not taking it.Have a wonderful trip to Singapore!

Elyani said...

To Belle :
Thanks for visiting my place.

To NursyE:
Yes he is cutie pie.

To Fe:
I decided to get rid of the shout box because it often does not work.