December 16, 2007


Sorry it has been so long without an update. December, was an absolutely busy and exhausting month...literally time went by within a blink of my eyes. The expo was going really well. We did have great visitors and were able to sell out a lot of our products. This is the busiest and most productive expo in 2007 as our participation in another regions was a disappointment.

Expo means standing on your feet from 11am to 7pm with merely 15 minutes lunch break. But I must be at the booth early and leave after the visitors left. Our booth is always crowded as we did a direct selling for small items too and we brought in all the stocks that we have got in our office. I'd be lying if I said I am not getting tired as exhibitors. I have participated in expo since 1994, too long that I know almost every inches and corners of the halls by heart or meeting familiar old faces which are regular exhibitors like us. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to go to work on the last day of expo as we have to pack and bring the balance stocks back to the office. With hundreds of various items, it certainly is not an easy task. I would not be lying, however, if I said I do feel a rush of excitement when the expo is over even though there are still a lot of paper works and follow up to do.

That is what expo is all about though, I guess, and I seem to enjoy doing it...


eka said...

Lelah yang menyanangkan pasti ... next time aku mo belajar dan minta dibantu bgmn ngejalanin expo mb.

Resolusi 2008 ; mo jadi visitor dulu untuk expo2 craft dan furnie. Kalo mang memungkinkan ntar bisa jadi exhibitor-nya kaya mb.

Banyak cita2 buat tahun depan .. mudah2an satu satu bisa diwujudkan.


Anna Rochanti Madden said...

eh aku juga mau tu jadi exhibitor. Terakhir jualan apa ya?

momoftwo said...

G/f, good to have you back! I can tell that you must be very exhausted after. It's ok as long as you enjoy your job :)