December 28, 2007

Lovely gifts

I have been very fortunate and received some lovely gifts today. Eka, my blogging friend from Bali, for no reason sent me a wonderful parcel. It was such a thrill to open the parcel and was another thing that brighten my day when I saw a beautiful Sunflower oil painting of a large size, which is beautifully framed too. Along with that she also sent me a set of place mats. She knows I have a fondness for arts, traditional crafts and anything that require handmade works. And being a good friend, she chose things that she knew I would love. And I do.

It is so exciting to connect with cyber-friends and Eka (a mom of two years old cute boy) has been a dear friend since I first discovered this blogging world earlier this year. Eka runs a home-based-Balinese-crafts business with a variety collection from women handbags, footwear, kidwear, and other knicks knacks. If you have not visited her blog, please go there right now and have a look here and here. Her place has a little of everything and at a grrrreat prices! (promosi ni ye...)

Despite being her regular client, we keep in touch and continue to share and support each other thru our blogs or text messages. And I love her for our friendship even more. I feel I have made a friend for life and wish I could meet her when I travel to Bali again someday!!! Thank you again my dear friend.


eka said...

Mb El my lovely sista ,
lukisannya jadi cakeep banget di foto.

Thanks for being my best friend, thanks for your support ( always ).

Palagi yah ....

Thanks heaps for everything pokoknya ...


hepi new year 2008


Belle said...

i love the flat shoes. i would love to buy some but her place is too far away and mailing cost would probably cost more than the products.

elyani said...

@Belle : just let me know your feet size and I will try to send them thru a friend who will traveling back to Singapore.