November 11, 2008

Of photography, family matter and motorcycle theft

Whoa...two weeks after my last post! I used to update my blog often...but I'm so lazy these days. The problem is that I found another hobby. Of late I have become addicted to Flickr. Photography is my drug of choice. I've met some great talented people through flickr and am inspired everyday to become a better photographer. I used to have a blogging withdrawal but now I cannot put the camera down even when I go out for a cup of coffee. I'm keeping my eye on whatever pops up in or around Jakarta. Whenever I see things of my interests I always think about composition, angles, lighting, back ground etc. Hate to admit but that’s the honest truth. I don't know if this has something to do with my easily bored, yet easily intrigued traits.

Anyhow, getting back to my blog...not too much happening the last two weeks except some minor family problem. I wonder if it is a character issue or just a misunderstanding. I couldn’t see the fuss about the whole big sis/lil sis thing but both parties want me to be there and heard their side of stories. Lamenting bad language is normally not a big issue within my family, they’re always so colorful: ‘Jesus, Mary, Mother of Joseph and all the angels’ and all that stuff!'...but sometimes it’s the reaction to the swear, and not the swear itself, that causes the problem. Well, I’m not much of a role model in fact I have a mouth as foul as Gordon Ramsay. Added to that I chose not take side to either one of them as they are both my sisters. Long story short, after my visit everything was back to normal again.

The only thing that still made my big sis upset was her motorcycle was stolen right inside of her house. It was a new Yamaha about one year old after the purchase. Her husband parked it next to his old Kijang and the gate was padlocked. When they woke up in the morning, the gate was wide open and the motorcycle has gone. Motorcycle theft is on the rise. The level of theft has reached worrying level, you're lucky if they do not harm you. The ease of stealing a motorbike is astounding as often it only means lifting a bike into the back of van and driving off. Having security guards in your neigborhood does not guarantee that the motorcycles would be safe from thieves.


johnorford said...

well, u have some pictures to be really proud of. and it looks like u are making v good use of that wide aperture lens!

Toni said...

Very cool madame ... truly colorful picture and great blur.

sima said...

what a nice picture. i can see that you have the talent.
sorry about the stolen motorcycle.... :(

Elyani said...

@John: thanks John, I used this lens a lot. It's on my camera most of the time.

@Toni: siapa dulu gurunya :)

@Sima: thanks, hopefully I don't get bored too soon :)

Devi said...

Great pic! Anyway sorry for your big sis' loss.

Elyani said...

@Devi: thank you :)

Miedy said...

Just checking your pictures collection Flickr and I am very impressed. I also love photography (well, still learning actually) and always carry my camera whenever I go. Keep up the great work!

Ivy said... are turning into a pro in such a short time ely... two thumbs up for that