November 14, 2008

Random questions of the week

It's a weekend thing, let me begin:
1. Is politic a regular subject of discussion between you and your circle of family or friends? Do you enjoy political discourse?

2. Finish this line:
Politics isn't about big money or power games, it's about...

3. When you finally find a misplaced item is it always in the last place you look, or do you continue searching even after you find the item?

4. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

5. Who was your favorite Bond, James Bond?

I look forward to reading what you have to say.


Rob Baiton said...

1. Yes.
2. about compromise in order to get the job done.
3. Generally, find stuff pretty quickly.
4. my job.
5. George Lazenby :D

therry said...

1. Yes
2. A good term that has been redefined as something negative by greedy people all over the world.
3. No.
4. My dog!
5. Pierce Brosnan.

the writer said...

1. Not really. We never care about politics, unless it was a work related discussion with my editor.

2. It's about persuassion. A man who knows how to use his words can win

3. No

4. Something that needs to be done that day

5. Pierce Brosnan

~~ Melani Tanti ~~ said...

1.Hmmm....between yes and no...hehehe.
2.apa ya El...kayaknya banyak deh yg perlu diungkapkan...hehehe
4.kaos kaki soale dingin El..hehehe
5.Pierce Brosnan dong,soale paling keren...wkwkwk

Mia said...

1. Yes, but I always feel stupid because I know so little of my own country's politics.
2. Serving the people in the most efficient manner possible.
3. Almost always in the last place I look
4. My bladders :)
5. Sean Connery

rima fauzi said...

2.big money, power games and dirty manipulation. thanks to my job
5.kang Brosnan

Fun said...

1. kadang2..tergantung siapa yang diajak ngomong sich... :)
2. hmmm... pinter2nya orang bikin strategi alias taktik buat menang :P
3. always in the last place i look :P
4. telepon darurat dari kantor :P
5. Pierce brosnan...

jawaban cicinya mana ni? :P

Ecky said...

1. No and no. Don't talk about politic and surely not enjoy it :)
2. Lie and dirty games
3. Depends, sometimes I forgot where I put it.
4. Handphone alarm.
5. Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery & Craig Davis

Elyani said...

1. Not really, I enjoy talking politics, but I do shy away from arguing. I also think it's important to be well-informed.
2. It is about caring and planning about the future for the country.
3. Last place I look.
4. My cat--he wakes up before the alarm goes off and he likes to pester me.
5. Sean Connery.

Lorraine said...

1. Yes
2. an attempt to arrange what's best for people and the country
3. the last one
4. my daughter
5. Sean Connery