October 28, 2008

I don't hate myself..well..maybe just a little!

I've been tagged by Rima to list 10 things I hate about me. And in light of the fact that I have no idea what to write today, I shall oblige her :) So let's see...

1. Procrastination. I have tried so much to make this change, and yet, I still procrastinate all the time.

2. I get bored very easily so what I like today I might dislike it tomorrow.

3. I'm not sure if I'm indecisive or not.

4. I can care so much about other people, I tend to forget about myself.

5. I am kind with people that I shouldn't be kind with, because I see the goodness in everybody, even if I then realize they only take things for granted from me.

6. I hate to admit when I’m wrong.

7. My hair is simply unmanageable. Everyday I have to attempt to contain it in a bun, and I hate it.

8. I hate that I have big hips so I can never get jeans that fit right without trying them out first.

9. I hate that I'm a little afraid of crossing the streets in Jakarta, I often envision myself getting run down by the crazy motorists here.

10. I'm a model example of inconsistency. I'm intrigued to try to be a vegetarian at some point, but I can't see giving up the culinary joys for a lifetime.

I tag whoever would like to share a bit of their negative side :)


Toni said...

Rima is preading the virus so fast ... :)
Thanks El, for sharing the ten things (I knew some of them, LOL)

therry said...

As I've said in Rima's post, I can write more than 10 things I like about you! Want me to? ;)

Katadia said...

Hi Elyani. I am with you on the big hip things. I could never buy a nice fitting pants in ITCs. People used to try to make me feel better by saying that: kalo pinggulnya gede, ngelahirinnya gampang, which I interpreted as "you'll have painless births". I have since found that it's so absolutely not true.

rima fauzi said...

hey mbak!! thanks for doing the tag! It's an amusing list, but like Therry, I think there are more likable things about you then the negative things. btw, i like your hair, i think it looks just fine! :)

Elyani said...

@Therry & Rima: you are both wonderful! thanks so much!

@Toni: ayo mana nih list-nya?

@Katadia: I guess it's all part of being a woman :) What I hate is that my thighs meet at the top, I always see women with a gap between their thighs and if anything that is what I wish to have.

gerry said...

No 1, 2, 6 are quite similar with me...

btw no. 9...who doesn't? only people with DOA situation will try their luck crossing streets in Jakarta,

first visit here..thanks for the comment before

Miss Lai Lai said...

Elyani, hi. The thing about jeans is (for me at least) they must be tried on no matter what. Good hip-hugging jeans are a rarity. I read somewhere that a women would try as many as ..er...30 jeans? before they find the perfect jeans. I usually buy two of the jeans that fit perfectly!

Mind you, those perfectly fit jeans are slightly tight these days!! =)

Ecky said...

El, I've spilled out my negativity about my self, thanks to Rima :))

silly said...

mbak... ini mah aku bangetttt... especially about busy to make other happy and tend to forget about our self. Dan aku juga tipe org yang gak konsisten banget.

ahhh, pokoknya gue banget dahhh.

*sahe hands*

Rob Baiton said...

I am pretty sure that this started out as "ten things you don't know about me" or "ten things I like about myself"

I am refusing to do it :D

I am what I am and the analysis of that might be depressing or then again it might be encouraging :)

My name is Anne said...

hello! im a friend of Proud Nanay of Two :) nice to finally take a peep here :)

it was a bit fun to be able to spot a couple of things in your list that i also hate about myself lol

Lorraine said...


I admire you who care to share this with your readers.

PS Udah lama ngga main2 kesini. Everything ok?

Elyani said...

@Miss Lailai: trying 30 jeans? oh my...I don't think I have that much of patience :)

@Gerry: thanks for returning the visit :)

@Ecky: I am not a big fan of Dufan or any adrenaline rush ride either.

@Silly: hehehe...berarti kita sehati dong :)

@Rob: yeah, it's not the things I hate..just traits that people do not know about me.

@Anne: thanks for the visit Anne.

@Lorraine: everything is ok..just lazy to update :)