June 2, 2007

Inacraft '2007

The following pics were taken in April when I went to see Inacraft Expo in Jakarta. Inacraft is the annual Indonesian craft trade show that offers large variety and quality handicraft products. My biggest hobby (actually my weakness) when visiting an event like this was I could not resist the temptation to shop! I am so addicted to shopping Indo crafts. Right now I have plenty of beautiful hand woven bed covers, wall decorations, table runners, cushion covers, batik paintings etc. Well, I have this obsession to open my own handicraft website on e-Bay! Here are some of the snapshots taken with my Sony Ericsson cellphone camera . Enjoy!


momoftwo said...

these are cute items! yeah, you should open your business on ebay, I'll be your first customer :) your camera phone takes good pictures, what model is it you are using?

Elyani said...

Thank you Fe, I'll give you a good discount and an extra souvenier if you shop from my place. The camera phone type was Sony Ericsson K790I. It has an amazing 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, a built-in xenon flash and video stabilizer function. The xenon flash will enable you to manipulate your composed picture even with lighting conditions that are not that optimal. It is a handy gadget when you need to capture the good moment outside.

Belle TH said...

just beautiful! i especially like the quilts. how much do they cost in american dollars?