June 2, 2007

It's been a long time

Dear readers, I really have been insanely busy these past few weeks and have somewhat forgot that I had a blog! Well, I bet you all thought I got bored of blogging, but that is not the case. What's happened firstly, I had a bad cough for more than 2 months after the flood and it caused me a lot of discomfort and money as I had to visit the doctor 3 times and they gave me different medications and none of them worked! The doctor asked me for a chest and throat X-ray but everything looked fine. I was then given some antibiotic for a week, plus the cough meds but my body reacted badly which cause me had nausea, vomitting and sleep disorder. The problem visiting doctors in develop country like Indonesia is that you have to pay for every visit and I mean you pay for the consultation fee (for telling them what went wrong with you), the administration fee, if you are ordered to have an X-ray that will be another extra cost, then the meds needs to be paid as well. Falling ill can drain your wallet here.

Because the meds did not seem to give any improvement, I decided to let nature takes its course and ate more fruits and avoiding foods that would trigger the coughs such as chillis, fried foods, dairy products, etc. I don't have any clue to what caused this severe cough. Was it an infection or something that my body absorbed post the week long flood in Jakarta??? During my trip to Canada, my coughs got better probably because the air quality there is cleaner and fresher and I have had less stress. I also tried the OTC cough syrup from Buckley's which tasted awful but worked for me.

Another reason for not blogging so long was our office moved which just caused so much work. We got it all done and now have to get stuck into doing some work on re-organizing the files, stocks, etc.

Anyway, that is what is going on with me. Hope everything is going well with you all.


momoftwo said...

Hey girl! Sorry about the cough, glad u are fine now. It's really annoying when you have to deal with the sickness then the costs of health care and maintenance. Hopefully when you're in Canada you don't have to have this kind of problem :)

Glad to have u back here, miss reading your blog. I checked everyday hehe. Take care now!

Belle TH said...

i hope you got over with that pesky cold. could it be allergy related as gerry thought it was? i had bad case of allergies, too, and i know what i am allergic to. it is the juniper tree pollen which is rampant in our area. i usually just suffer it through but it can be debilitating. i almost got a steroid shot which most people opt for.

also, i have been taking noni juice and it seems to help.