June 26, 2007

6 Weird Things About Me

I’ve been tagged by Belle to divulge six weird things about myself, so here it goes :

1. Whenever I create passwords for my emails, ATM pin number and other things that require passwords, it is more likely I will use the part numbers from certain products from the catalogue books as it's locked away in the vault of my mind.

2. I am not a big fan of jewelry but I like seeing other people wearing them. My ears were pierced when I was a baby and I wore earrings when I was a little girl but they never lasted long because I always took them off. Necklaces, bracelets, rings are okay but only if I can take them off after that. Dont ask me to wear them 24/7.

3. I love chillis sauce on almost anything I eat except cakes...lol! I like them on my soup, as a dipping for the fried chicken / fish. I like them for the pizzas, sandwiches or burgers. I just love anything that has 3 flavours ... salty, spicy and sour. Now I have to cut my hot meter because the herbalist told me it is not good for my endo problem.

4. I get stuck on certain foods/fruits for a period of time. Once it was spicy veggies salads / star fruits / strawberries for a couple of weeks. Once it was spicy froglegs soup / sweet martabak, until I got sick of seeing them... hehehe! Right now it's granny apples and pineapples.

5. When I go to the cinema, I always chose to sit near the exit door because I'm afraid of fire or anything bad that might happen.

6. My prefered choice when buying clothes or T-shirts are white, black, pastel colors (pink, light blue, light yellow). Although I like bright colors like red, yellow and green but I hardly have this 3 colors in my wardrobe.

Now you know am not that weird ... :yuhuu


momoftwo said...

#6 I am the same. I like red, I think I look better on it but I only have 2 red tops.

Yeah, you're really not that weird! hehehe

Belle said...

thanks friend for abiding my wishes. hehe. that was not bad, was it?

the weirdest one is 3. i love chilli too but one meal is enough for me, except fish, i can eat it for a week at a time and never get tired of it.

i am not much on sour fruits. i love mangoes, cantaloupes, watermelon, which are non-acidic. granny smith? those are sour! my mouth is salivating already just at the thought of it.

it is a good idea to sit by the exit of the cinema for safety reason. but, i never think about it when i am inside the theater and i am usually seated at the far back so i have good visibility.

i don't like bright colors on me either. it just doesn't look good on me. i prefer nuetral colors, white, black, brown or pastel colors. my husband even complains that majority of my wardrobe are black. it makes me look sexy and elegant, i guess.