June 29, 2007

A new "fur-kid" named Suneo

It is no secret that I’m a dog person. Just look around my flickr album and you’ll see that my dog, Fatso, had his own page of pictures. Yes, I love dogs. I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to cats and the way they behave. It's not that I disliked cats. I actually like pretty much all animals but dogs are so loyal and loving. And then there's all that tail-wagging and obvious, unconditional affection. Dogs are full of so much love. It's all they want to give. I love dogs and miss mine (Fatso) dearly. It is simply torture to feel a presence in a room and to look around, only to find nothing, and know that my one constant is gone forever.

Neko the cat

My lovey, though, is a cat person. A life long cat person. He loves cats, he loves their independence, their fierce displays of affection, their kneading and their purring and the way they weave about your legs when they really like you (or when they're trying to get food). He does not even mind if his clothing or furniture were always covered with a fine layer of fur. He even have a mug that says "My Cat Runs My Life" referring to Neko the cat, the other woman in his life now! Neko is a beautiful 6 years old female Tabby. She almost always gets her way and meowing sweetly and lots of purring are her best secret weapons! Neko also has a thing about water in the tub. She watches it and drinks it right from the tap instead of her drinking bowl. I don't understand her attracting for running water. I mean, she gets fresh water in her bowl next to her foods.

Anyway, two weeks ago my house helper brought a stray kitten home which I named "Suneo" after the famous Japanese manga series, "Doraemon".
Hokenawa Suneo is actually my least favorite character in that movie series but the kitten looked so thin and has a very almond shape face just like Suneo. In the movie, Suneo, is seen as a narcissist who loves to stare at himself in the mirror while telling himself that he is the most handsome guy in the world. He is still a bed-wetter and needs to wear diapers when he sleeps, despite being in the fourth grade. He considers this as his secret weakness, and according to his mother, it is his only weakness.

Meanwhile, Suneo the kitten, is a loud whiner when he first came to the house. We just did not know what does he want and it took him several days to adjust to his new place. Even though he is only a little kitten, he meows loudly and long in creative ways to get his will done. And he has a great vocal range. Really, it looks like he loves to hear the sound of his voice when he wants some attention! He will sleep just about anywhere , and stack of catalogues are his favorite spot... I-)...I think Suneo just wants to show us that he can grow up as a book worm!!!

He also has a fun thing about boxes. He just loves to jump in so he can crouch low and paw at them and then jump out to chase his toys. Everyday he finds something new to play with from under the catalogue shelves. He surely surprises me with a lot of his antics.

My lovey teased me that I have now become a cat person. Well, in my heart there will always be a special spot for Fatso and that won't change. I think caring about animals is the good bottom line, regardless of their differences.


momoftwo said...

this is so cute! maybe you should post Suneo the kitten's picture while sleeping on top of you catalog hehehe..

I still like dogs better ;)

elyani said...

I do agree with you Fe, you know what they say about dogs and cats. Dogs think you are their friend and pal and cats think you are "staff." ... LOL! But right now I don't think it is a good idea for me to adopt another dog until I permanently move to Canada.

Belle said...

how cute! and I love his name...Suneo. you can take a walk with a dog but not with cat--that makes a big difference.

NursyE said...

I am a dog person myself but also love cats... but unfortunately I am allergic to cat dander so I have to watch it around the kitties.