November 7, 2007

Green Tea Roll Cake with Red Beans Paste Filling

What could be more enjoyable than a cup of tea with a slice of cake? I have been wanting to make Green Tea Roll Cake for a long time, so I bought "matcha" (fine powdered green tea) and put it in my baking stuff container, where it has patiently been waiting for weeks. Inspired by Japanese desserts, last Friday I made the filling for the roll cake, red beans paste combined with a sweetened whipped cream (using an electric mixer, begin to beat the cream at a medium/high speed, once it is frothy, add sugar and vanilla, beat to stiff peaks). The cake is a basic sponge cake, it was very easy to make but the rolling is the most difficult part of preparing this cake. And because my oven is so small and thus affected the size of the baking tin that I used, my roll cake looks a bit thicker and not spiral like coz I used all the filling. I really love the color of the cake, the green does not scares me off ...not a green monster for sure... hehehe!


Retno Prihadana said...

Bolu kukusnya keren, keliatan halus dan empuk, nyicip ahhh..

elyani said...

@Retno: koreksi...bolu gulung dong mbak, tapi saking gendutnya jadi kaya bolu kukus ya penampakan-nya...hihihi!