November 5, 2007

Suneo then and now pics

When I first had Suneo six months ago he was a slender petite kitty and he's very shy too. He is black and white like a tuxedo (or is it a penguin???), he loves to be the center of attention, whenever he enters a room he meows once or twice to announce his presence, he is utterly spoilt and pampered, he loves to chase on anything that moves, he likes to watch the water running from the tap, he loves to sit down on the balcony watching the cars moving on the street, and he loves to hear his own voice! Suneo currently weighs in about 4 kg (8 lbs), he has a variety of meows, sometimes it is a short sweet meow mix with a purring, sometimes it is a long vibrated meow with a very high pitch. He is truly a miaow-nipulative cat!
My niece, Lindsey, nicknamed him an opera cat! It truly amazes me at just how attached we can become to our furry friend.

THEN (pictures taken in April and June 2007)

NOW (pictures taken today ... Nov '2007)


eka said...

Suneo dipaket ke Bali murah kali ya kalo beratnya 4kg. Totalannya jadi 4kg x 6000 = 24.000 hiihihihih

hayo .. transfer kemana mb biaya paketnya ???


elyani said...

@Eka, jangan pakai Tiki dong maketnya. Dua hari baru sampai...hihihi...bisa2 Suneonya keburu game over! :)

eka said...

ihhh suneo centil banget sih ... ??? Jadi ga tahan ga komen tiap liat muka dia. Secara mirip cuplis aku yang hilang hiks ....