September 9, 2008

Questions of the week

Because I was not in the mood to write when I wrote this post, I will leave you with the following questions. Please feel free to tag yourself or leave your answers in the comment section :)

1. What kind of water do you drink? Bottled water, tap water? How much water do you drink in a day? If you’re not drinking water, what are you drinking?

2. Are you an urban dweller, a suburbanite, or a country person? Are you happy where you live now? What do you like the most? The least?

3. Do you know how many shoes you own? Have you, or would you, risk injury for a great pair of shoes? Have you ever hid a shoe purchase from your significant other?


Finally Woken said...

Interesting questions.

1) Tap water, it's safe to drink from tap in Scotland. Not suitable for Indonesia. I drink sparkling water when in the restaurant. If not water, then tea (with milk, no sugar, I turn into a Brit every single day *sigh*), coffee (3 glasses a day). Do I need to list down the alcohol too? :)

2) Definitely a city person! But I'm adapting now, Scotland is so beautiful I don't mind living a wee bit far from the city center (30 minutes drive, no more)! Happy where I am now, but the weather sometimes is too unbearable. I miss my tank tops.

3) Never count them but I have a digital catalog (I know, I'm weird), and I have pictures of my shoes on each box. This is because I once bought two exact pairs because I didn't remember what I had. I would risk myself a bit, even frostbite, to wear sexy stilettos. But I never hide what I buy, I'd parade them proudly, with nothing else, just shoes LOL.

tere616 said...

Here's mine :
1. Bottled water, the water composition in my area are worst. So for the sake of our family's health we decided to drink bottled water and only from 1 company "Aqua". I used to drink around 2 littre now (PT's recommendation)

2. I'm in between, can be in city and country person. I'm a gemini, there's the reason I can't make my decision. Besides that I live in a suburb now (if I may say so :-D) and since the meaning of Indonesian suburb were a lil bit confusing, I have to say that I'm happy, at the moment, at least I still have a small yard to plant all my fav flower. What I don't like the least, well, the traffic jam. But if I may choose, the other side of mine, I want to live where there's a fresh air, beautiful scenery and not to far away from the city (impossible huh ?)

3. I don't know how many shoes I have. As far as I know, the range of colors are persistent, black, brown, creme, green, blue, soft pink, white. I have my cross-training shoes, my flat shoes. I love to wear a high heels shoes but I wont risk myself just because of a 11cm high heels (the reason maybe bcoz am a lil bit older now :-D). The truth, never, I never hide mine from my significance others, I always ask his opinion when I bought my shoes.

Love your interesting questions Elyani

Katadia said...

1. Tap water is OK. But I mostly drink cooled boiled water or warm/semi-hot water. For coffee, I only do decaf. I also like weak black tea (teh seduh), or strongish tea bag with a dash of milk. My herbal favourites are peppermint, and lemograss & ginger. My absolute favourite is green tea with popped rice (genmaicha?).

2.I live in a nice sized,err, city. It doesn't have a real city feel but it has all the convenience. Plenty of wide open spaces for my son to kick his balls around. Fresh air and minimum environmental worries. Plenty of outdoor playground. Man-made lake with swans, ducks, and a towering pointless fountain to amuse little kids. With two littlies, it's the best option for us to this date. Although, if money is not an issue, I won't mind living in a farm here or running some sort of resort in Indonesia. Say Lombok, or West Sumatra.

3. It's winter. I'm either in my red Kappa sneakers, or my Puma cross runners. I don't do high heels because I have a pretty bad record with dropping my babies even without them. I never owned a pair of stiletto either. When summer comes, I'd be wearing my strappy flat sandals. I'm a pretty daggy looking stay-at-home mum. :) Which is why I like living here (question 2) because they probably won't let me in the mall in jkt given what I normally wear everyday.

mia said...

Hi Elyani, salam kenal... thought I'd contribute to the questions of the week.

1. Tap water isn't drinkable and bottled water is not environmentally friendly, so I drink water from the famous "aqua galon" and carry my own bottle everywhere. We're going to install a water purifier/reverse osmosis thing in our new home so we can drink from the tap. I drink about 2L water per day, hubby says I need to drink at least 2L more. I also drink coffe every morning, lots of fruit juice, I don't like soda.

2. Definitely a country person. I lived in Jakarta for two years but I was miserable, I missed the beach and the clean air! I'm very happy where I live right now (Bali), where I can wake up early in the morning and take my dogs out for their walk on the beach and watch the sunrise. What I don't like here is the way people throw garbage everywhere, and how you have to wait the whole day gor the cable/phone/AC/whatever repair man to come.

3. Never count how many shoes I have, never think I have enough :) But having said that, I chose comfort over style so I won't risk injury for a pair of shoes. And I always tell hubby on every purchase (his shoes are more expensive than mine!)

I like the questions BTW!

Lorraine said...

1. Tap water. Dutch tap water especially the one from Utrecht region, is considered better than bottled mineral water. One liter during the day (at work). I drink most of the time tea (light), at home an espresso and at the weekend wines & liquors.

2. I am definitely an urban dweller who happen to live in a suburb. Ah, but what is a suburb here in NL, it is only 20 minutes away from the city by bike! Yes, I live in a villageish, very green suburb. I love the environment, the people (everybody knows each other, not always by name but the faces at least), the an ex Jakartan, I miss some noises of the streetvendors in the evening.

3. I am called little Imelda Marcos by my Dutch colleagues. I think this says enough about my shoes/boots collection, :-D. Yes, I used to wear stilletto of 7 - 9 cm height on the dancefloor. The next morning I had painful ankles.
Since I became a mother I started collecting flats shoes. My husband knows about my shoes addiction. Even he would inform me if he sees a beautiful pair, and you know what? he knows my style very well.

Ecky said...

My answer:

1. Definitely bottled water from "Aqua galon", you can't drink tap water here in Indonesia. Try to drink 2L/day, half at the office and half at home in the evening. Sometimes I order ice tea no sugar at the restaurant. I drink flat white coffee every morning, that is the only coffee I had. If I drink coffee after lunch hour I can't sleep at night. Have some alcohol on the weekend, but not always.

2. I'm in between, I like the city ambiance but I also don't mind to live in suburb and country, especially if it only 30 minutes - 1 hours away from the city centre. Fed up with Jakarta's traffic jam and polluted air but I love the wide entertainment range.

3. Never count them but I'm a shoes person, nuff side. I will wear stilletto of 7 - 9 cm height on the dancefloor and bare with pain feet the next morning. Nah, never hide it, I will proudly show it off.

therry said...

Oh man the first question is the hardest already, and is everybody drinking 2L/day except me? I'm so damn unhealthy.

1. I drink tap water purified from a water purifying thingie at home. I try to drink plenty but somehow I just... forget LOL

I like tea with 3 sugars though... and Rootbeer. Mmmm...

2. I don't know which one is me, but I'm hoping to follow Mia's footstep one day :)

I think I'm over Jakarta now, I need someplace to live where I can actually enjoy living in it - where there are parks to walk dogs in etc.

3. I don't know how many exactly but I think there are about 7 or 10. I have never hid a shoe purchase from anyone.

Elyani said...

@Anita: I think heels look great but I hate the tight feeling it gives in my feet.

@Lalita: one day I would like to learn about gardening. I think I need a gardening mentor. Does such a thing exist? :)

@Ecky: I don't even know how to keep my balance walking in high heels, let alone dancing with them LOL!

@Katadia: ditto, if my feet aren't happy, I'm not happy.

@Mia: thanks for dropping by my blog. Sounds like you live in a very nice place :) I'd never had a chance to take my dog out for a walk in the beach when he was still alive.

@Lorraine: I always admire women who can walk with their stiletto and not looking like they are in pain.

@Therry: rootbeer,'s been a while since I last had them. I do not fancy the taste because it is sweet.

therry said...


Exactly! LOL