September 20, 2007


The majority of women will experience the discomfort of menstrual cramps at some stage in their lives. The symptoms can include cramps, bloating, mood swings, and many more. They can range from being extremely mild and almost unnoticeable to being practically debilitating while a woman has her period. For me "this time of the month" is always a nightmare, I can hardly do anything. My period was not heavy but the pain was like somebody sticking my lower abdomen with a needle, it was a very sharp, stabbing pain, lasting anywhere from 2 to 7 days prior to, during, and after the period. The worst part is the first two days which gradually became mild twinges as the days go by.

I have tried to change my diet by consuming more veggies and fruits, I give up red meats, cut my coffee intake, cut my dairy intake but this does not help reduce the pains much. If needed I take medications that only ease my pain for a few hours. I thought after my surgery I would feel better, well ...I don't. I am just having to cope with the pain. Endometriosis not only causes pain and discomfort but it is mentally torturing too. I would never wish this on any one. But I feel that more needs to be done to help endo sufferers.

Would I stop my periods if I could? My answer is definite YES! But I dont want to go thru another surgery or taking anymore hormonal treatment. I love being a woman, feeling sexy, and knowing that I am a part of the cycle of life, but aren't we all deserve relief from excessive pain and suffering?


Belle said...

i am one of those lucky ones who hardly ever feel menstrual discomfort. the only reason why i know i have my period is when i go to the bathroom.

my two daughters, however, have been experiencing menstrual cramps and they have to take some pain medication. am hoping that these symptoms will go away when they have children.

there must something you can do to alleviate the pain instead of suffering through. have you checked with your doctor?

elyani said...

Well, Belle ... it looks to me when I had the surgery the doctor skipped the part of the problem inside the uterus. I realised that because just as the hormonal treatment ended, my problem came back and the ultrasound check showed I still have internal endometriosis size 6x8cm more or less. The doctor said since the gland presents / traps in the uterus wall, the only option to remove them completely is by having hysterectomy. I just hope my period ends soon so I wont have this problem anymore.

momoftwo said...

It must be very painful, we had discussion about this in our OB class last semester.

I had dysmenorrhea, very painful and hate it because most of the times, I miss a day or 2 work days. But when BigSis was born just don't get it anymore.

Hope you will find something to take away the pain at least temporarily. Take care!

jassy_gonzales said...

I know how you feel, the discomfort, the pain, everything. We share the same sentiments whenever i have my period. I was diagnosed of Endometriosis in 2002 and had my first surgery. When i had my children delivered via C section, they scraped it but the problem is its recurring....