September 30, 2007

What's your phobia?

Everyone has fears. Fear is a reaction to danger that involves the mind and body, but it is a natural part of our life. We all experience fear slightly differently and with more or less intensity. Most of the things that make us afraid are usually things we have to deal with in our lives. For example some people fear of heights, dogs, roaches, or insects, but there are also fears that seem pretty much like a worry, or something you feel generally uneasy about.

I have to admit I have fear of crossing the street (agyrophobia). I've been hit by a motorcycle a few years ago when I wanted to cross the busy street in front of the bank, but thanked God I only sustained a minor injury. Crossing the streets in Jakarta can be a real challenge and a life-risking adventure. In many places there are no pedestrian crossing zones on the streets, there hardly exist pedestrian roads, hence, cars, taxis, motorbikes, bajaj and people cram the streets all fighting for access to pass. Waiting for cars to stop for you will take a long time, if not forever, and no one stops for you. I hate it when I have to cross the street, it is like trying to cross the Formula 1 track race, it's nerve wrecking.

I know I cannot let myself be intimidated with this fear and I have to face it one way or the other. In Jakarta you don't wait for a break in the traffic--you just go--and hope you are still alive when you reach the other side. The first time I crossed the busy street here I was bulging with adrenaline, but now I was a real rebel. The secret is just step into traffic and wave your hand, the drivers will adjust to you although some can be a little wild. Don't get hesitate because hesitation gets you hit and traffic flows around you, always look both ways, even on one-way streets. When crossing busier streets find others who are also crossing and follow them when they head out into traffic. Otherwise, you could be left standing on the corner forever. Drivers in Jakarta tend to keep driving unless the pedestrian steps out in front of the car to show that they plan on crossing the street.


momoftwo said...

I have fear of heights it's called acrophobia. I will not ride roller coasters, if I have to I need to be sedated first heheh

elyani said...

Am not acrophobia but I'd like to say I dont like roller coaster ride either. I tried riding the swing boat but I hated the feeling in my stomach when I'm going down the drops. It's not so much the fear of height as it is the fear of hitting the ground in half like a broken water melon ...LOL!

Anna Rochanti Madden said...

kata ibuku dulu aku jago nyetir mobil. sekarang setelah tinggal 5 taun US, aku jadi ketakutan setengah mati setiap kali mau keluar rumah. nyetir sendiri atau disopirin tetep aja takut banget. ibuku sampe geleng2 kepala katanya: what's wrong with you?

elyani said...

hihihi...apalagi kalau nyetirnya di Jakarta. Serem deh lihat sopir2 angkot se-enak udele dewe :)