September 8, 2007

Rujak anyone?

Sometimes I eat the same things over and over because that's just what I'm into at the moment. My preference when I go eating out is food / comfort food that has a lot of vegetable, vegetable and vegetable. I believe it is good for certain people and it sure feel healthy although it’s hard to eat healthy food if it’s not available or unappetising. One of my favorite comfort food is "rujak" .. a unique sweet, spicy, sour taste pungent salad with a mixture of things. Basically it is a salad dish contains fruits or veggies with the dressing made from coconut sugar (gula merah), chilli, terasi (dark shrimp paste), and ground roasted peanuts. Back in the old days, rujak is served on banana leaves plates. Oh yes, one more thing ... I'd never tried to make rujak at home because they just don't taste the same.

As for the traditional dessert, I love "es cincau" ... which is shaved ice, coconut milk, red syrup and green jelly made from extract leaves. Next to that is "es teler" ... shaved ice, with sliced of avocado, jackfruit, sweet fermented cassava, young coconut and red jelly bean. And last but not least, Teh Botol, the bottled sweetened jasmine tea that every Indonesian simply cannot live without. This sophisticated desserts is a refreshing treat in our tropical heat. Enjoy!


mom said... again :) the shaved iced with all the goodies on it is similar to our halo-halo :) that jasmine tea looks in a sexy bottle looks refreshing

elyani said...

hehehe...right Fe, I think "es teler" is pretty similar to your halo-halo. As for "teh botol", the bottle probably copied the classic Coke glass bottle :)

Belle said...

though i haven't tried these food, i know i will like it from the looks of it.

i would go for a bottle of jasmine tea which is nice and refreshing.

elyani said...

Belle, am sure you will love the variety of foods here.