September 23, 2007

Suneo is sick

For animals lover like me, pets are no less a part of the family than a child is and it rips your heart out when something bad happen to them. It's especially hard when they can't vocalize their discomfort to you. Over the weekend, Suneo became sick, beginning on Saturday morning, he threw up every hour or so, had a diarhea, a fever and dehydration. Obviously concerned, I took Suneo into the Vet on Saturday afternoon. There the Vet evaluated him and told me that it's probably one of two things: he has a simple stomach bug or he might contract panleukopenia (feline distemper)

From what I've found on the net, FP is a virus. Not much anyone can do but provide supportive care, antibiotics for secondary infections, and hydration. As we all know, viruses have to run their course but (sadly) when it comes to survival, it's the survival of the fittest. Suneo is an indoor cat, I don't know where he picked it up (the virus) ... perhaps from his parents or any other cats when he's a stray??? His mother might have been in contact with other infested (roaming) cats and so transferred it unfortunately. The Vet injected Suneo with IV fluid & vitamin, gave him some antibiotics and told me to keep an eye on him.

The good news is today he's getting back to his old self although he is losing some weight. He's alert and playful and meows again. He still has no appetite or desire to eat (and he used to eat like a pig ... hehehe) but had slowly take a bite of his dry food and a sip of water. I'm taking that as a good sign. So I hope he will continue on a good path and health is headed his way.


eka said...

Get well soon Suneo ..... Wah ... aku juga pernah mengalami gimana sedihnya liat kucing tiduuuurrrr mulu, muntah 'n ga mau makan.

Cepet sembuh ya Suneoooo


momoftwo said...

oww..hope Suneo feels better soon..take care!