October 20, 2007

F1 (Not Formula One)

For those of you following the break-up of 11 years marriage of France's First Family , President Nicolas Sarkozy and wife Cecilia , might think about the importance between success and happiness. Whether it happens to you or to the head of the state, I believe no one enters a marriage believing that it will end, and yet people get divorced all the time, and seen as being a healthy step to take when a relationship breaks down for whatever reason. People now has options and are taking advantage of them and creating solutions, different lifestyles, that suit their own personal makeup and needs.

I once read, divorce, for one, is worse than physical death in many ways, because with death there is closure--it's the end, that's the funeral, that's the casket, it's over-- but with divorce, it's never over unless there's no money involved, no children involved, and both parties have found different mates. What do you do if the love of your marriage gone?


Retno Prihadana said...

Hmm..saling menghargai dan kepercayaan rasanya penting sekali.

Anna Rochanti Madden said...

terus terang nggak ngerti jawabnya...hehehe
tapi kayaknya kalo udah nggak ada cinta ya buat apa diterusin?