October 6, 2007

Perkedel Jagung & Tahu Isi

I bet you all agree salty and sweet mixture makes the best snack. When you're in the mood for a simple quick snack, this perkedel jagung is easy to make and is an excellent appetizer.

* 2 fresh corns
* 4 shallots, 2 garlics, 1 thinly slice red chili
* 1 egg
* 4 tbsp all purpose flour
* 1 tbsp rice flour
* A little Spring onion
* Half teaspoon of coriander powder
* Half teaspoon of white pepper powder
* Salt to taste

1. With a sharp knife, cut kernels from the cob: first, cut halfway through the middle to release the "milk" then cut the remainder closer to the cob.
2. Put corn, diced shallots, garlic, red chili, spring onion and egg in a bowl.
3. Add pepper, coriander, salt to taste.
4. Pour all purpose flour and rice flour, mix well, add water just enough.
5. Deep fry the corn mix two spoonful each, drain with tissue paper and serve it when it is still warm.

I was inspired by Retno's post a few days ago and made this Tahu Isi for my lunch. It's very easy to make, great taste and my friends were begging for more. I substitute the filling with carrots, cabbage and mungbean sprouts. Stir fried them with shallot and garlic, spring onion, add a bit of chili sauce and salt to taste. Cut the tofu into 6, scoop them but make sure you do not break them, then add the filling inside each tofu. Dip them in the batter and fry. I think the hardest part was waiting to taste it. They are also perfect as a cocktail food. To serve as a starter, serve with chili sauce or a relish of your choice. Thanks Retno!


GusKoko said...

Perkedel Jagung, salah satu favoritku, kebiasaan makan selain harus ada sayur, aku biasanya menambahkan gorengan kalau bisa dua macam. Tambahan komentar diluar isi postingan ini >> saya kagum dengan komentar2 adik di blog saya. Kapan2 (kalau boleh) saya ingin sedikit share via e-mail. Thanks & good luck.

Retno Prihadana said...

Wah..yg ini tahu isinya lebih mantapp , apalagi isinya sayuran lebih sehat lagi. Mau dunk icip-icip.

Belle said...

hehe, you know what, i have similar recipe that i invented myself. i used shrimp, leek, and water chestnut in a can for filling and minced them. i made a slit in the tofu and stuffed it with the filling. then i dipped in tempura batter and deep fried it. kids and husband love it!

elyani said...

Mbak Retno : iya lebih sehat, kebetulan juga memang diharuskan untuk menghindari daging merah. Jadi isinya ya sayuran :

Belle : yeah, you can mix everything with the tempura batter. I made mine from scracth, not from the ready to use batter. Am sure yours tasted great too!

momoftwo said...

looks yummy! would love to try it for myself coz the hubs does not eat tofu.

Anonymous said...

Aduh baru liat postingan yang ini. Mau dicoba aaaaaah

Elyani said...

@the writer: untuk perkedel jagung sebaiknya pakai jagung segar bukan kalengan karena rasanya berbeda. Selamat mencoba ya :)

Anonymous said...

Nah, itu masalahnya, jagung segar disini susah banget nyarinya, tapi ntar aku coba deh