October 27, 2007

One word

Belle, a cool mom from Arizona, tagged me on this one word meme. I think the rule is you can only type one word. Easy enough, right? So here goes :

• Where is your cellphone? purse
• Relationship? great
• Your hair? straight
• Work? stable
• Your sister? conservative
• Your favorite thing? handicraft
• Your dream last night? flying
• Your favorite drink? water
• Your dream car? Ferrari (hahaha..I dont even know how to drive!)
• The room you’re in? living
• Your shoes? Kickers
• Your fears? fire
• What do you want to be in 10 years? happy
• Who did you hang out with this weekend? friend
• What are you not good at? sewing
• Muffin? cheese
• One of your wish list items? vacation
• Where did you grow up? Lampung (Sumatra)
• Last thing you did? eating
• What are you wearing? duster (batik duster)
• What aren’t you wearing? shoes
• Your pet? cat
• Your computer? Intel
• Your life? busy
• Your mood? happy
• Missing? G (my sweetie)
• What are you thinking about right now? soccer (Manchester United soccer match)
• Your car? Taxi (hehehe...)
• Your kitchen? clean
• Your summer? long (we have summer all year around in Jakarta)
• Your favorite color? white
• Last time you laughed? today
• Last time you cried? February
• School? done
• Love? caring


Belle said...

thanks dear friend! whoah, you are fast!

pardon me for being nosy, the last time you cried, was that when you and honey separated ways or when fatso died? hehehe, just being nosy.

elyani said...

@Belle : last time I cried was when Fatso died. My heart was breaking and I was overwhelmed with sadness.
It's not that I love my sweetie less...hehehe...but he's always there for me :)

momoftwo said...

I wonder why you cried in Feb? was it tears of joy or something? hehe