September 19, 2008

Say it with flowers

I like all flowers in general because all of them have captivating beauty, but I don't grow them. I don't mind with the dirt and the worms but I am really horrible at taking care of plants. I think I don't have much of a green thumb if you know what I mean. To me all flowers are beautiful whether they grow in the gardens, meadows, prairies, in open fields or along roads. One of the advantage of living in a tropical climate like Indonesia is the availability of beautiful flowers all year around. My favorite flowers are daisies, gerbera daisies and frangipani. The other flowers I love are orchids, sunflowers, lilies, hibiscus, magnolia and tulips (but we don't have them here). Here is some interesting reading that reveals your favorite flower says a lot about you. So, what's your favorite flower/s?
If you like this flower, then tradition is very important to you and you have a down to earth attitude. You have loyal and trusted friends and you surround yourself with loved ones who seek your guidance. You would make a great sage in ancient times, or an excellent leader currently.

You pay attention to details and see the things most people do not. You are a natural at taking in everything about life and are happy to be alive. You are also a very optimistic person.

The best career for you would be anything where you deal with people. Due to your upbeat attitude, working in a hospital could help brighten the days of those people around you.

You are often bored with the mundane and enjoy vitality and creativity. You go with inspiration and thrive in jobs where you are your own boss.

If you are doing something with artistry, writing or anything else creative, then you are happiest. The nine to five job atmosphere is something that is completely wrong for you and your creative personality.

People are drawn to you because you make them feel better about themselves through your nurturing ways. You would make a great therapist and you feel at ease when dealing with everyone else's troubles.

You are a very caring person. Other jobs that would work well for you are a guidance counselor or anything where people need your personal views on their lives.

You are a friend who gets the first call when news happens within your circle of friends. You are very social and busy, but you crave alone time and at times you feel shy around others.

For women, you are looking to bring the best out in your husband or boyfriend. Due to your outgoing personality, anything in customer service would work well for you.

Change is good for you and you are always thinking of ways to improve everyone's lives, including your own. Deep down, you are content with what you have, despite your need for a changing atmosphere.

You would enjoy traveling so try and find a career that takes that into account. Being stuck in the same position for years will drive you nuts.


Anonymous said...

Kok sunflower nggak ada El? itu bunga kesayanganku loh :D

Elyani said...

@the writer: iya Va, gak tau nih kenapa sunflower gak dicantumin. Padahal aku juga suka sunflower, terutama yang bibitnya dari Inggris..duh bagus banget deh! Warnanya kuningnya lebih keren :)

Anonymous said...

disini kalo summer gitu suka ada padang yang dibiarin tumbuh sunflower yang gede2 banget. Monster tuh sunflower, tingginya hampir sedada, dah gitu susah banget nyabutnya (udah niat maling soalnya hahahaha)

Elyani said...

@the writer: duh bikin penasaran, pasti bagus buat obyek foto tuh Va! Bunga diatas juga boleh "nyuri" dari jalanan. Bukan di dalam pekarangan tetangga lho..tapi yg tumbuh dijalanan yg biasa aku lewati kalau lagi jogging:)

Belle said...

your pictures are looking good especially the last one. love it.

tere616 said...

Elyani, I love your flower picture. Why frangipani is not there and also tuberose flower ?

I love tuberose smell ..

Toni said...

Lily El, bunga favorit. Simpel, putih, selalu punya pesona tersendiri di antara bunga2 lain yang ngejreng.
Foto2nya sudah jauuuh lebih bagus. Cakep dari segi komposisi dan kontras-nya.

Ecky said...

El, aku suka bunga bank gimana dong huehehehehe...

Not really a fun of flower, dan aku gak tau tuw wujudnya bunga-bunga yang kamu tulis disini, taunya cuma rose aja agak kurang perempuan nih aku :D

Lorraine said...


Bunga favoritku Lily, Jasmin, Gerbera & Lavender.

Tapi seperti Ecky bilang, dikasi bunga bank ngga nolak kok :-).

Foto2nya tambah okeh, kapan pameran bareng Mas Toni?

koko said...

favoritku bunga desa... :D

semua bunga terasa menyenangkan..

therry said...


I don't know my favourite flowers yet... but my beau always gives me white roses :)

Ivy said...

mine will be lily ^^

sima said...

jangankan bunga, rumputpun aku suka :)
selamat berlibur ya ely..

Elyani said...

@tere616: tuberose itu sedap malam ya? gak tau deh kenapa kategori flower personality-nya cuma 6 macam saja.

@belle: thank you.

@toni: siapa dulu gurunya? :)

@ecky & lorraine: ditto, aku juga suka bunga bank apalagi kalau bunganya gede..hehehe! Lorraine, foto2ku masih amatir banget, jauhlah sama kualitasnya Toni. Masih anak bawang :)

@koko: termasuk Bunga Citra Lestari ya...LOL!

@therry: mawar putih lebih cantik daripada mawar merah lho menurutku :)

@Ivy: aku juga suka lily, terutama yg warna putih.

@sima : iya rumput juga bisa sangat cantik kalau dirawat dengan baik. Met libur nasional juga ya Sima :)

treespotter said...

no orchids? I've lots of them...

Elyani said...

Hi Tree, I love orchids too ... if I can find orchids when I go out with my camera, I'll put them in my website. I may have to check out your collection :)