March 12, 2007

Street Food

Satay Ayam (chicken satay) is one of my favorite street food. This is one of the stall in Jalan Veteran, an area in central Jakarta. They say street food is the best because it has that extra added flavor!

The satay here has been marinated for some time in a mix of fresh chopped shallots, sweet soy sauce (kecap manis), lime juice, and vegetable oil prior to being grilled.

After it has been cooked it is topped with spicy peanut sauce, served with rice rolls and cucumber pickle. The last picture is courtesy of SexyChef.


Eden said...

These pictures remind me of the street vendors back home in the Philippines. I miss the great food they sell!!!

Belle TH said...

Elyani, the barbecue chicken looks so good. i will have some friends over this summer and i would love to fix this dish for them. do you have a recipe for peanut sauce? thanks. by the way, am reading some of your past entries.