March 14, 2007

A tale of 2 nieces

This is my adorable nieces Lindsey and Jovanka. Linds is really enthusiastic in doing things that she likes and appreciates. She’s very talented in music, and she’s very good at playing the piano! Van the younger one is a spark of energy to be around and although she is young, she has more personality and wit than people 20 years her age.

Linds has a passion for fashion. In this pic Linds dressed Van as an Indian girl using the sarong that she normally used to carry around her dolls.

Linds and Van posed together in front of the cake that was specially ordered by their favorite auntie.

A Christmas cake for the 2 nieces.

I have two nieces from two sisters. Linds was born and lives in Singapore. She is growing up quite fast for a kid her age. She enjoys playing with her dolls and there's one that she likes best until now "Mr. Hippo". The rag doll has been washed a million of times, has lost one of its eye, neck has been sewn several times but she still likes it! Linds is a very independent and strong willed girl. Some of her favorite foods are Indonesian styles fried chicken, kangkong stir fry, chillis, any kind of fruits, Japanese seaweed snacks, and nata de coco. Linds is very serious in her piano lesson because she wants to be able to make money teaching other kids when she grows up. She is also has a passion for fashion design.

The little one Jovanka is 8 years old going on 9 in July this year. She sometimes makes you think she is a 20 year old trapped in a little body! She often says surprisingly wise things that are well beyond her years. We call her Van for short! Van is a little comedian, she loves to make people laugh and is very good at it! There's one time we drove for about an hour from my place to the mall in west Jakarta and Van made us all laughed with her stories. She is also a very bright little girl who speaks her mind. She has a very kind heart and a sweet little voice. When Linds came to visit Indonesia, they were inseparable. They even took a shower together.

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