March 13, 2007

Five thirty

I was so dreading going for a walk this morning. I had set the goal of walking for half an hour everyday, but the hardest part was getting up early. When Fatso was still alive I had a drive to wake up early every morning, sometimes he would wake me up, or I just knew his presence and I would immediately get ready to take him out for his morning walk. We always went out at 5:30AM or a little later to that ... so we could enjoy fresh air and there were not too many vehicles going our ways.

After putting it off for more than four weeks, I finally did. And I walked for 30 minutes. Then I ran for ten minutes. Walk again for another ten minutes and I kept this up for an hour with the trip back home.

I thought to myself, "If I could just keep this good habit everyday, I might not need to go for the acupuncture every week." The acupuncturist told me the cheapest way to ease the pain of my recurrence adenomyosis is by taking a walk minimum half an hour everyday.

Funny how lonely I'm feeling this morning as I passed all the roads Fatso and I used to take. My feet are not sore but my heart is of burning pain. I hope I can get through it.

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