October 8, 2008

For the love of Nescafe mugs

I have been collecting Nescafe coffee mugs since I first saw them in the super market last year. It's a buy NESCAFÉ 2in1 free red mug (on pack of 30 sachets). I like the mugs because they have this lovely, bright, and cheerful red color and the size is rather small compared to the usual coffee mugs. This (to me) makes them more appealing. So far I have 6 mugs and am looking to add more to my collection.

I started drinking coffee again one month after my surgery. Now that everything looks OK (no more endo recurrence), I only drink one per day and then water the rest of the day. Not in the morning, not first thing though, usually about 10.00 or 11.00am just as my energy levels are beginning to slide. So, how much coffee do you drink in a day? do you collect mugs from your favorite coffee shop or certain brand like me?


Anonymous said...

I drink a lot. I think I'm influenced by the Danish culture a bit because they drink coffee like they drink water.

When I'm home, I make coffee for 10 mugs (using coffee maker) and the pot is emptied very fast.

When I'm at my uni, we always have coffee after lunch, it's part of the ritual :)

I buy local brand coffee bean and grind them myself. It's fresher that way

Ecky said...

I drink coffee only in the morning, just one cup. If I drink coffee after lunch time I couldn't sleep well at night.

Katadia said...

Elyani... I love those mugs. My grandma back in Jkta served loose leaf tea (wuth sugar) on those. They're just the right size!

I can't drink coffee much, although I love the smell and taste of it. I was a barista once(a not so good one) and I hated it when ppl ordered decaf, skim, or whatever that required extra work!

It turned out that I may be lactose intolerant now, because my tummy goes all funny, especially when I order my lattes. Now, I've turned into one of those supposedly annoying people who order a soy chai latte! LOL

Anonymous said...

One a day, El? You're very good!

Oooh I'm a bad girl. When I was still working in Indonesia, I had one for breakfast, then another two before lunchtime at my desk. Coffee after lunch then at 4 and 6. If I work late, another at 8 and 10. So it's about 8 mugs and most of them are instant coffee which isn't good.

Now I drink about the same but try to get decaf and filtered (Mark&Spencer has a nice box of individual filtered coffee which basically looks like teabags). I develop a taste for black coffee as well so it saves myself from high calorie in sugar and milk.

Elyani said...

@the writer: Va, I think you're a coffee-holic:) I was wondering if your mom put Kopi Kapal Api in your baby bottles when you were a baby..LOL!

@Ecky: ditto, I avoid coffee after 3pm (unless I am out with a friend).

@Katadia: oooh totally love the chai tea but I have never tried it with soy!

@Finally-woken: hehehe...right, only one Nescafe cup per day, otherwise I won't sleep.

Fun said...

wuah ternyata suka koleksi mug toh... ga ada yang pecah disenggol suneo kan? hehehehe :)
aku ga suka kopii nih :)
apa kabarrrnya ciii??

therry said...

I rarely drink coffee but now I think I'm starting to drink it everyday again, but I only limit it to one cup a day in the morning.

I used to be a coffeeholic when I was working as an English teacher, and I drank it mostly during the time when I had to give lessons by the phone, in which they could get veeeeeeeeeeeeery very boring. There was a time when my student was actually talking about something and I actually fell asleep for like, 2 minutes!! Thankfully I managed to wake myself up and still able to get back to the topic he was on about. Dangerous!!

Funny enough, I drank so many cups of coffee during those times and I still got sleepy so easily.

Now, one cup is enough to make me stay awake the whole day!

Elyani said...

@Fun: baik2 saja Fun, Suneo gak boleh deket2 mug ini..abis susah carinya :) Udah balik dari Bangkok belum?

@Therry: it would be better if you don't drink so much so you won't stay up late blogwalking :))

rimafauzi said...

I don't drink coffee at all. I try not to, it's no good for the body.
But sometimes, when I really have to stay awake, I drink a cup or two. But this is very very seldom, like maybe once a month..

Brett said...

Coffee? I love it, but it seriously screws me up. More than one cup (in the morning) and I get jittery. Coffee after lunch is a no-no for me ;-)

Elyani said...

@Rima: I used to be a non-coffee drinker but that did not stick unfortunately :)

@Brett: Good…then screw the coffee and you bring the diet coke :) Like you I don’t drink much coffee either, never have, but I love the smell of it.

T Sima Gunawan said...

aku suka banget kopi, khususnya kopi tubruk, kapal api. kalo nescafe, ya kalo kepepet aja, itupun mesti pakai creamer. aku punya 1 cangkir nescafe (yg difoto paling kiri), bagus. waktu ultah pernah dikasih mug starbuck, tapi baru dipakai 2x, retak dan bocor. aku ga suka kopi starbuck. ga suka kapucino, mokacino dan teman2nya juga. pokoknya kopi kapal api nomor 1 (yg bungkusnya keperakan itu loh). hehehe.. iklan..

therry said...

El, I think the staying up late thing is due to bad habit that has been developed since I was young, as well as a very screwed up sleeping pattern LOL

I need discipline. Maybe I should join a boot camp?

soelitaire said...

Hi Elyani, salam kenal..
My husband is crazy about nescafe coffee mug, we hv like 15 mugs now :)

Anonymous said...

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