October 21, 2008

More coffee, smaller boobs???

Hmmmmm...long time no blogging. That's right, it's me. I’ve been a bit tardy on my blog posts again. Of late, I seemed to get a blog constipation or something. Anyway, there was an interesting health report from the British Journal of Cancer that revealed coffee can shrink women's breasts! Here are the actual excerpts:

Coffee can make women's breasts smaller: Swedish study
Published: 16 Oct 08 18:45 CET

Women who drink a lot of coffee may see their breasts become more petite, according to the results of a new Swedish study.

Around half of all women possess a gene shown to link breast size to coffee intake.

"Drinking coffee can have a major effect on breast size," said Helena Jernström, a lecturer in experimental oncology at Lund University.

But while a regular brew appears to have a somewhat deflationary aspect, there is also one very positive effect in that coffee reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Woman with an average weight but big breasts and a high number of mammary glands run an above average risk of developing breast cancer.

Previous studies have shown that women can reduce this risk by drinking at least three cups of coffee a day.

Jernström wanted to know if there was a further correlation: If drinking coffee and breast size were both connected to the risk of developing breast cancer, could there also be a link between coffee and cup size?

Studies carried out on almost 270 women showed that there was indeed a clear connection between coffee and smaller breasts. The results of Jernström's findings have been published in the British Journal of Cancer.

My thoughts on this? The good side, the research showed drinking at least three cups of coffee a day reduces cancer risk. But I was wondering does it apply for man boobs too? Simon Cowell and former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, for example...they both have a well defined man boobs (saw the pics on British gossip online mags). Does that mean they are tea drinkers and some of the women who want to have smaller breasts must drink more coffee???

What do you think about this research? Have your say on whether or not you believe the hype.


Anonymous said...

Maybe that's why my boobs are smaller now since I'm consistently drinking a lot of coffee.... hmmm interesting!

Lidia Sianturi said...

untungnya ga suka kopi...tp kok ga gede jg ya? apa hipotesanya bs dibalik..yg ga minum kopi teteknya besar? hahaha..dun think so!

Ecky said...

@ Finally-woken: Do you think my boobs are getting smaller now? I drink coffee every morning ;)

Ah I asked the wrong person on this subject lol. But I believe my boobs are still the same though.

rima fauzi said...

for real??? I'm thinking of breast reduction surgery.. so I might have coffee instead.. it's cheaper and painless, right?

therry said...

All I know is that some coffee can give me breasts pain - this is true.

There are certain types of coffee that I can't drink, because somehow they will affect my breasts.

But I don't want my breasts to go smaller, they're nice they way they are right now ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say though, coffee vs breast size! I think the more important thing is not the size but whether it is gravity-resistant or not!

Elyani said...

@Finally-woken: no more Starbuck for you then :)

@Lidia: kalau gak minum kopi ukuran bra bisa membesar, mauuuu dong! hehehe..yang ada membesarkan perut kali ya!

@Rima: I guess I chose not to believe it. The fact that the study is carried out by Swedish scientists made me the article made me laugh and smile. Why boobs? why can't caffeine shrink waist line or thighs?

@Therry & Ecky: you are both lucky to be naturally blessed with a nice cleavage.

@Parvita: you're right, but big boobs is still more appealing to men's eyes.

silly said...

wadow, berarti gak boleh minum kopi banyak2 dong nih, ntar tambah kecil khan gak asik lagi :P

btw, apa khabar jeung, lama gak mampir, aku baru kluar dari RS juga, kena vertigo berat.

So, what about yours :P

Mine?... Errr, ceplok telur dua tumppuk :P hahahahaha

Bagus Prakoso said...

Minum kopi (bersama dengan minum teh hijau) memang sudah terbukti mempunyai zat-zat alami yang bisa membakar Kalori. Alhasil, kalau banyak minum kopi dan minum teh hijau bisa membuang lemak-lemak yang ada di badan, alias berat badan bisa turun.
Tentunya kita tahu efek sampingan dari caffeine :)
So, use them with your own risk.

meowiefotografie said...

woww this is good information Elyani! Although I did not see my boobs getting smaller since I like to drink coffee a lot! Well, that was before i got preggers...hihi...

thanks ELyani, this is good!

kunderemp "an-narkaulipsiy" said...

Wah.. gue harus mencekoki istri gue dengan kopi neh.. :P

Belle said...

i quit drinking coffee long time ago, and my boob's size remains the same.

Rob Baiton said...

So does drinking coffee also reduce the size of man boobs (aka moobs)?

Elyani said...

@Silly: ah rasanya gak ngaruh tuh mau minum secangkir atau lima cangkir. Mudah2an vertigonya gak balik lagi ya, Sil :)

@Bagus Prakoso: efek samping caffeine buat saya .. ya gak bisa tidur! :)

@Meowie: nah, I think they just makes up this study cause they got nothing else to talk about :)

@Kunderemp: hihihi..sampai segitunya percaya dengan riset yg tidak bertanggungjawab.

@Belle: ditto, no change here too. I want them bigger actually, LOL!

@Rob: I think coffee does not make your moobs bigger or smaller, but they can make your belly bigger for sure.

Ivy said...

i read this in the forum and I was thinking the same...maybe the reason why my breasts remain the size they are coz I am having too much caffeine intake LOL

adit said...

Well, ladies, if you think your breast size is small, i think it's better to avoid coffee. Since smaller breasts, have less probability to catch breast cancer, whereas those with big breasts, coffee maybe not bad after all :D