October 4, 2008

Questions of the week

It's an every-other Saturday thing...and yes, you are invited to answer the questions. Sound easy? Oh, of course it does. Now, allow me to start:

1. What saying, that your parents/grand parents have said to you when younger, still sticks in your mind? do you find yourself now using this saying?

2. You and your sweetheart are boarding a plane for a dream vacation, one of you gets bumped to first class, who's going, you or your loved one?

3. Do you keep a pair of driving shoes in your car so that you do not scuff the heels of your good shoes?

4. Talking of getting older, does ageing bother you?

5. What cheers you up when you are sad?


Brett said...

1. My grandfather (who was Australian) used to say the following. It only works in a really broad Australian accent. "For crying out bloody loud, love". And yes, I find myself saying it from time to time (without the "bloody").

2. Share - take turns. Luckily the last time this happened they decided to upgrade us both! I am not sure why, but I get upgraded once every 3-4 flights.

3. Nah, that's just sad. I can understand women keep driving shoes in the car...

4. Totally. I am beginning to notice the signs of aging on my face and body. It's disturbing!

5. A hug.

Katadia said...

1. My mum: "You're responsible for your own happiness". My maternal grandma: "Kok dekil banget sih?" LOL

2. If we were taking the kids with us, I would rather stay together in economy. If there were the two of us...I don't know... isn't the whole point of going without the kids is to sit together? :)

3. I only keep practical driving/walking/running shoes these days anyway.

4. I hate mu sun spots! I hate my sagging bum. I hate losing my flexibility, especially after sitting down on the floor feeding the baby, and feeling that frozen ligaments once I stand up.

5. My kids smiling and laughing.

Elyani said...

1. My mom said ..."kalau bangun tidur jangan keduluan matahari"...mom always wanted her kids to wake up early, before the sun comes out. I have become an early riser no matter how late I go to bed.

2. Me, of course, LOL! that's because I get migraine easily.

3. I don't drive, do I don't need an extra shoes to carry around :)

4. Well, I do not have a hard time with getting older, I have a hard time realizing I am older...LOL!

5. Window shopping :)

Rob Baiton said...

1. Be yourself!
2. The Missus!
3. No. I do not wear heels that often :D
4. No. It is kind of like death and taxes, it just happens. And it happens to all of us.
5. Hot Milo and some shortbread biscuits.

therry said...

1. Mum: "You don't have to feel obligated to get married and have kids." and "Kalo bediri yang tegak gitu loh!" LOL

2. I'll tell him to go but he'll probably tell me to go instead because going on first class on planes won't excite him as much as it does for me.

3. Yes!! Hahahahahha. Have you got this question because you saw me driving??? They're not exactly shoes but they're slippers.

4. It does at first but then I get over it quickly.

5. When I finally run out of tears and feeling tired of crying, and fall asleep and feel surprisingly stronger and happier when I wake up.

Belle said...

1.look with your eyes, not with your mouth.

2. we definitely have to take turns but his turn will be the night time so he will have a good night sleep.

3. nope, i don't remember the last time i wore heels, and i do wear heels, i will probably take it off.

4. it used to not bother me, but, now that signs of aging are getting harder and harder to conceal, it is starting to bother me.

5. watching funny movie cheers me up when i am sad.

Elyani said...

@Brett : if only we all can reverse the aging process :)

@Katadia: I hear ya..no matter how hard I exercise I can't get those wash board abs :(

@Rob: cookies/biscuits always put a smile on my face too :)

@Therry: iya nih, kan dikau sering bawa alas kaki cadangan buat nyetir :)

@Belle: ditto, my mom would say the same thing too when I was asking for things but never moved my ass to find it, LOL!