February 4, 2008

Nice & Friendship Matters

Mat Gebu from Dapur Tanpa Sempadan has given me the Nice Matters Award. Mat Gebu is one of the nicest new friends I've met lately. And I'm not saying this because he gave me an award, ...well, no, it's because he is a good cook / baker, a funny blogger, with a great sense of humor especially since Malay language is a bit different with Indonesian language.

Sorry I’m late in getting back to report that I’ve got another award from Mother of Two Munchkins for honoring our blogging friendship. Nursy Fe is one of my first blogging buddies in the blogosphere. We have been cyber friends long before she created her blog. She is a thoughtful, intelligent, insightful and a very good writer as well as photographer. Here is what she wrote :
And The First Class Friendship Award, I’m giving to:
Elyani - a very sweet net buddy. We met through the “old” messageboard years ago.

For me, friends are like stars on the sky, you don’t always see them but you know they are always there for you. Thank you again Fe for your friendship.

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momoftwo said...

aww..you're too sweet g/f!! Thanks for your friendship and kind words. I'm glad we are friends :)