February 3, 2008

Prol Tapai Singkong

Last week, I had a major craving for Prol Tapai Singkong. Tapai singkong (pronounced tah-peh sing-kong), sometimes referred to as peuyeum (from Sundanese Language), are made from cassava roots which are initially cooked/steamed, sprinkled by yeast cake evenly and then left for a few days to ferment. They produce a very delicate sweet and sour spongy tasting with the original creamy starchy texture from the cassava roots itself. I'd never made tapai singkong / peuyeum from scratch as they are widely available in the traditional market here already prepared and sold by weight or per packaging. There are so many different types of savoury snacks you can make from tapai singkong, and one of my favorite is Prol Tapai Singkong. The ingredients to make this cake is tapai singkong, sugar, flour, eggs, coconut milk, melted margarine, a pinch of salt, and shredded cheddar cheese. Since no cake mixer is required for this cake, even a beginner can make them, fail-free guarantee.

As requested by Lalita, here is the recipe copied from Saji tabloid :

Prol Tapai Singkong
Bahan :
500 gr Tape singkong
100 gr gula pasir
200 gr tepung terigu protein sedang
6 butir telur, di kocok lepas
200 ml susu cair
100 gr margarin di lelehkan
100 gr keju parut untuk campuran,
50 gr keju parut untuk taburan

Bahan olesan:
1 buah kuning telur
2 sdm susu cair

Cara membuat:
1. Remas-remas tape singkong dan gula pasir sampai gula hancur
2. Tambahkan tepung terigu, aduk rata
3. Masukkan telur, susu,margarin, dan keju parut, aduk rata.
4. Tuang dalam loyang yg telah di oles margarin dan di alas kertas roti
5. Oven 25 menit sampai setengah matang
6. Angkat, oles dengan bahan olesan, taburkan keju parut, oven lagi sampai matang.


Fun said...

wuah kue-nya enaaak... aku ga bisa bikin kue mba.. tapi kalo mba bilang "Since no cake mixer is required for this cake, even a beginner can make them, failure free guarantee"... jadi pengen bikin mba heheheh :) soalnya aku sering gagal kalo bikin kue hehe :)

Elyani said...

@Fun : halah...gampang banget cara bikin-nya. Tapi tape singkongnya harus yang bagus dan tidak ber-arak ya! Kalau mau resepnya silahkan email neng :)

momoftwo said...

yummy!! this is like our cassava cakes!

Ecky said...

Looks yum... I bet taste yum too...

Anna Rochanti Madden said...

tape ... oh tape ... dimana aku bisa beli di sini? elyani ditunggu kirimannya. thx! ;)

tere616 said...

May I have the recipe ? Feel starving suddenly ... :-)

Elyani said...

@Lalita, I have added the recipe below my post. They are very easy to make. Enjoy!