February 16, 2008

A matter of territory

Hello everyone, well another week has passed and it has been quite an eventful weekend for me. Friday was a big day for Suneo. He is 10 months old this month, and I thought it was time to get him neutered, so off we went to see the Vet. I was told that having my cat neutered would calm him down and remove the aggression. Suneo is not a bad boy but each time he saw a male gray /red cat walking across our front yard , he gets really angry and started meowing, yowling and howling incessantly. He does not want another cat enters and marks his territory. If other males trespasses on his territory, he will fight to defend it. In the evening, he can really drive you crazy with his yowling and howling asking me to let him out to chase the trespasser. The screaming could be heard from down the street! Not good for my sleep, of course.

Unlike dogs, cats are not pack animals. They are highly territorial creatures. Male cats especially are more prone to fight other cats to defend their turf. Cats also will howl non-stop when they are in heat. So I have good reason to get Suneo neutered as his meowing can be very aggravating to anyone forced to listen to it. It was a quick and simple no-stitches required kind of surgery. And Suneo bounces back very quickly as by the next morning he behaves as if nothing had happened.

Saturday afternoon, the day after his surgery, I heard Suneo yowling like he does when there’s a cat outside the house. He’s an indoor cat, but he still believes he has to defend “his” turf outside. He does this by yowling, screaming and pounding on the front door in an attempt to scare the other cat away. I didn't see any cat outside except some cars parked in front of my place. So I let him out to satisfy his curiosity. Only then I realized something went wrong. Suneo saw the red male cat (one from the neighborhood) and chased it out from under the car he normally occupied. I heard loud yelping and knew Suneo was in trouble. I was so worry the other cat will attack his newly operated spot. I was screaming and called him but the fighting continued. A neighbor then quickly helped me to chase the other cat away and Suneo tried to chase him but I managed to get him. He got a bit cut on his rear end but thank goodness he looked okay and he was not infected. He didn’t know what his opponent was capable of and what good fighters they are–especially when cornered. Despite being neutered, I think Suneo is still agressive … *sigh*.

Lessons learned here ladies, if you try to neuter the man in your life, don’t expect him to behave any better!...LOL!


Therry said...

I wonder if Micah would be less aggressive if I neutered him :P

He's such a hyper-dog! He has all this energy and sometimes he's very protective, like if he heard something suspicious outside, he'd growl and bark like mad, and he often barked in his sleep too!

Elyani said...


Fatso was once attacked and bitten by another male dog when they fought over a female dog in the neighborhood. Even though he was shorter he was not afraid by his larger opponents. Trying to separate the dogs in the heat of a fight is not only dangerous for your dog but also for your safety. It was then I decided to have Fatso neutered too. Well, my male colleague in the office once commented ... "poor dog, they should have run away when being adopted by you...hahaha!". Some people still think it is mean to neuter / spay the dog while I try to be a responsible pets owner.

One thing did not change after the neutering though. Fatso still initiated to fight another dog that he felt threatened of. But he also developed a good friendship with his dog buddies in the neighborhood. Max, Pretty, Timo, Esa, Ting-Tang and Sharpei are to name a few of his best friends.

Belle said...

ha! ha! ha! "if you try to neuter the man in your life, don't expect him to behave any better." so true!!

in defense of Suneo, well, he was just neutered not too long ago so it is not fair to expect changes from him that soon.