February 1, 2008

When it rains it pours

It was boiling hot over the past few weeks where I am at in Jakarta, but the last three days we get a constant heavy rain. The rain started in the early hours of this morning with lightning leading the way and thunder following behind. As usual, we have to deal with the possible flooding from the rivers or the streams spillage. This morning I watched the huge amount of water from the canal across the street flowed rapidly and directly towards the other side of the shop-houses area, created a pool of water about knee high deep. Luckily the water didn't get inside my place.

It seems that the whole of Jakarta has been flooded today. The heavy rains left most streets flooded and were impassable. At the same time the electricity was also shut down for almost 8 hours to prevent electrocution. Meteorologists have predicted the heavy rain will continue for the next three days. As I write this entry the rain seems to be subsiding and I have the electricity back on. This time last year, my area was badly hit after several rivers burst their banks following days of torrential downpours in the city. It was the worst and saddest experience for me as my beloved dog died when I tried to bring him out to a safer place. Mother nature surely has an odd way of evening things out. All or nothing. Here are some photos that I took from my window.


Fun said...

wuaaa banjir yak mba? ck..ck. untunglah kalo tempat mba ga kena.. cuman ga bisa kmana2 yak? iya, dulu waktu jaman ngekos juga gitu, ngerasain beli roti yang biasa jual 3rb dijual ama abang yang rela nerobos banjir sepinggang, 10rb/roti.. terpaksa beli karena ga ada yang bisa dimakan dan juga kasian ama abangnya hehehehe :)
moga cepat reda ya mba... banjir udah kaya langganan setia jakarta neh..

Ecky said...

Good thing no rain today ya, I've posted some photos from yesterdat flood in my blog.

momoftwo said...

oh wow! stay dry g/f!!

I love your street photography!! you're getting better each time I visit your blog.

Did you posting your photos in flickr? if you have yahoo account you can easily open one. For the 1st 200 photos it's free. If you want unlimited space for a year I think it's $25. It's really good, I learn so much from other members.

Elyani said...

@MOM : thanks Fe, my favorite is the man riding bicycle with his two kids. I had my camera ready when I saw them passing by. I wish I zoomed the camera a bit but it was too late. Yes, I was thinking to upload all of the pics I took in Flickr. I think $25/year is not a bad deal.