February 14, 2008

Pets Factor

I have a poll for all of you my dear blogger friends:
When it comes to pets, are you ...
-crazy for cats?
-dedicated to dogs?

I was never real fond of cats before Suneo came to my life. I just love dogs even though I have been attacked twice by someone else's dogs. And no, I didn’t do anything to provoke the dogs. In fact I helped my colleagues who were so terrified with the Doberman Pinscher belonged to my former boss. Luckily, the damage those dogs did was only ripping apart the back of my clothing because I put my face downward really quickly which saved me. That incident left a scar on my right hand and some bruises on my waist (they knocked me up but didn't have a chance to bite as I got help immediately). It was a terrifying experience but I didn't blame the dogs. I blamed the owner for not latching their gate. But I have to admit after the attack I feel uncomfortable each time I bumped into large dogs on the street/in someone else's house. Dobbermann, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Boxer (dog) are to name a few. I don't mind with gentler breed like Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever and the small breed like my late dog, Fatso.

How did dogs resemble me? Well, one best trait that I like from dogs is they can't be dishonest - they either like you or dislike you and that's it. They are simple in their emotions, more social to humans and I can take them out for a walk. What's not to like? When I first met Fatso I just felt clicked with him. The best description and maybe this sums it up nicely was, we really liked each other, despite our differences. He really liked to get on my nerves at times and I sure liked to push his buttons when I could. Well, I think we really calmed each other down when things got tough.

Even with all this talk about dogs I really do like cats but have not had much contact with them since Fatso disliked the felines. I find that when people don't have or they don't like cats because dogs are more like people while cats do what they want, not what you want. Cats are also perceived to be sneaky, conniving and cunning. Nice thing about cats though is they are pretty self reliant. They can take care of themselves more so than dogs. I can say they have different qualities in each that I really like. With Fatso, I love that I could take him to places for a walk, Suneo doesn't like that much. Fatso was playful, cute, affectionate and loyal. Suneo is smart, has a wonderful personality and he really is a sweet little creature! And he likes to wag his tail just like Fatso when he gets excited!


Therry said...

I love dogs more because they are exactly like what you describe - you can see their emotion a lot more than any other animals in the world.

I love the fact that they are playful - just like me. I can never get too serious with my dog cuz he just cracks me up with his expressions. He really knows how to give out the sad look, the desperate look or the 'mupeng' look ha3x.

But I've lived in a house where there was a cat, and it was nice how they often just jumped on your lap as if it was natural and decided to sleep there.

The funny thing that happened was the house also had a dog, and during wintertime when the dog was sound asleep, the cat would sneak behind the dog, gave a little push which jolted the dog to be wide awake and stand up, in which the cat immediately lied down where the dog was.... it was because the path were the dog was sleeping was already nice and warm!!! Ha3x.... soo sneaky right...

Elyani said...

Therry : you're right, cats can be sneaky sometimes! My friend owns one small dog, two medium size dogs and a cat name Mimi. The two dogs are loud and always barking whenever there's visitor approaching the gate. One thing funny though, these fierce looking and loud dogs can accept Mimi but not the other stray cats. I once went there and saw Mimi sleeping soundly between the two dogs! They look cute!!!

Therry said...

I think it's mostly due to the fact that they no longer think of Mimi as 'another strange and furry four-legged animal with nasty eyes', but they consider Mimi as a part of the pack.

Kind of like Merry or Pippin in Lord of The Rings :P

I learnt that that's how they think of human too. If a dog's owner is not strict enough to discipline his/her dog, the dog automatically assumes it is THE leader of the pack, that's why it misbehaves!

which is why it's important to set the rules and make sure your dog knows which one is the master ;)

they'll love us for it!

Anna Rochanti Madden said...

I used to have a lot of cat when I grew up. But right now, I'm done with pets. It's a lot of work you know.

I am so sorry to hear that you had been attacked by dog twice. When I was little, my neighbor's dog bit my right leg. I should get my wound check out to make sure I didn't get rabies. Thanks God, I was fine, but I am still upset about it :(.

Anyway, if it happens in US, the dog can be put to "sleep" and the owner can be sued.

Anna Rochanti Madden said...

Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Rotweilers, Chow Chows, Siberian Huskies are dangerous dogs. In fact, they can kill people. Please stay away from them, Elyani!

Elyani said...

Thanks Anna, I am more cautious, and aware when I meet a new dog I do not know, unless they are charging me but not scared. I read that a beaten person goes either way: scared or brave. Also we have to know how to think about these things. It's a mental thing.

Belle said...

i have never had dogs nor cats for pets. but if i were to choose between the two, i would pick dog because they are trainable to do certain things for you. i think they make better companions than cats as they can accompany you to go places.