August 28, 2007

For the love of soccer

I've been a terrible blogger lately hence the lack of posts here in recent days and I have no excuses...hehehe! Nonetheless, for those interested:

As a fan of The Red Devil:devil, I can no longer watch games on Free-to-Air local television because the price of EPL (English Premier League) broadcasting rights has been exorbitantly expensive and the local TV decided to call it quit airing them. Now the games can only be viewed on channels carried by Pay-TV and for that I have to pay $20 every month. That means I have to cut my shopping trip in exchange for soccer games ... hehehe!

Well, everything went well for a week after the installation. Come to the eight days the channels suddenly disappearing! I then made a phone call to the customer service but there's no one there except the recording machine asking you to call again later. After the umpteenth time calling to no avail, I sent them a fax complaining of their poor service. Still no response was given, so I went to their office and was promised they would send someone to look over the problem. However, until the next two days nobody showed up and I wanted to cancel the subscription but I will have to pay a penalty for that. I was so annoyed and decided to file a complaint about them at one of the media online here . Two hours after my email is being published, I got a call from the customer service and this time they would send someone right on out immediately. People may say, hey it's only soccer game ... but the feeling when your favorite team win or lose is the ultimate price for being a true fan! And I don't want to lose any of the game even if MU appearances has been under performed lately.


eka said...

... akhirnya .... Mang aku juga ampir 10 hari tunggu. Suamiku ( sama MU big fans juga - he2 ), kehilangan 2 session di minggu awal. Yang ada sekarang everyday is football on TV he2 !

mom said...

goodness!!! I'll do same things (and maybe more) if I'll miss my Miami Heat play on TV.

It happened to us. One night the satellite rep came by to fix our prob but it was also in time for basketball. Well, we told him to finish whatever he can before the game starts and to just come back the following day hehe. Gosh, he waited too late to come by, anyways so it was his fault.'re not alone :)

hey, customers are always right haha!