August 30, 2007

What's cooking?

Nearly everyone has favorite foods that remind them with their childhood. We develop favorites and eat them religiously. I've been getting into stir-fries recently because they are quick, easy, and healthy. But I also like noodles, fried rice, hot and spicy foods and other variety of Indonesian dishes. So, what's your favorite food?
kangkong stir fried and fried tempeh
bean sprout stir fried with tofu
mee goreng


mom said...

girl, the food looks yummy! I miss kangkong so much. I have not seen it in any oriental stores here.
Did you put some kind of peppers on your kangkong?

Can I have the mung bean stir fry, please?

elyani said...

hehehe...too bad I cannot mail them to you. Kangkong is very cheap here, just like in PI, I think. One bunch of kangkong is only about 10-15 cents of your US currency. Yes Fe, I did add some red chillis, otherwise, I don't think they would have been spicy enough for me. I set the fire high soon as the garlic, shrimp paste and the red chillis smell fragrant and tossed, in the kangkong, very quickly until slightly wilted but remain green and crunchy. I didn't use water too because kangkong gave off a lot of liquid.

Belle said...

these are all my favorites, elyani, kangkong, mung bean sprounts and noodles. we will get along in the food department should we become roomates. i love the way you cooked the mung bean sprouts, it still look a bit crunchy.

so amiga, if i come and visit you, i will be more than happy with these food.

Ninis said...

Huhuhuuu .. kangkong ... kangeeen :(

Thanks for your comment, Mba Elyani ^_^

elyani said...

Belle : thanks, looking forward to your visit.

Ninis: di Austria ga ada kangkung ya? kasihan deh ... :)