August 8, 2007


The very generous Eden from ThisGardenofEden including me on the Rockin' Girl Blogger list. It's so kind of her and Fe to mention me with some of the best girl-bloggers out there. Consider most of my posts are light reading and am a clumsy lazy blogger, I would never have thought I’d deserve an award in Blog-land. Eden is one wonderful working mom and has a great blog of her own where you can read about health matters in a clear, literate, and easy to understand way. She is thoughtful and humorous and her observations are dead on. She is also writing about her garden, complete with gorgeous photos that will make you want to go plant some seeds yourself, even if you have a black thumb. Thank you again, though, for this amiga! You're too kind!I hope I can keep the ideas flowing...:blah

Now I would like to present this Rockin' Blogger Award to ever dearest Belle, her blog was one of the early ones that inspired me to want to blog. A blog site with great story and photography from the first post to the last – enjoyable feast for eyes and senses. Congrats, Belle, I love your work!


momoftwo said...

you are deserving :D Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

thanks dear Elyani. i am flattered! this is my third award but i haven't had a chance to acknowledge it in my blog. soo buys these days entertaining guests as the concert is about to unfold.

anyway, award or not, am so glad to have stumbled on you. you are the kind or person that will remain friend in good or bad times. take care and hope to meet in the future.

Belle said...

the last comment is mine.

Camiseta Personalizada said...
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