August 2, 2007

I love grocery shopping

Grocery shopping is one of my favorite things. I know some people think of it as a chore, but I enjoy it so much and take my time doing it! I love scouring the aisles, browsing in produce markets, or simply looking for something tempting or interesting. And I particularly like price comparing in one market to another since I often buy quite the same thing regularly. I know which place to go for better prices, or one that have a particularly best fresh produce. For me, produce is incredibly beautiful to look at and to touch. My favorite are local fruits and veggies. I think am truly blessed living in a tropical country with lots of exotic fruits, spices and veggies to choose. I've been thinking about how much I am addicted to all of this and how would I live without them?

The following pictures were taken by my phone camera on a trip to the super market last weekend. There's a sign on the entrance that taking pictures is not allowed but I pretend sending text messages when I snap the pics. As a chilli monster, I'd like to show you some of Indonesian hot chillis variety and some exotic fruits that you may not familiar with. Enjoy!

cabe merah ... not so hot

cabe hijau ... they taste quite mild for my tongue

cabe keriting ... slimmer but hotter

rawit besar or big "bird chilli" ... hot, hot, hot

rawit merah or small bird chilli ... the hottest of all


jambu biji


salak or the snake skin fruit

jambu air


momoftwo said...

Girl! You're making me drool on the pics - the Fruits only. I'm not a chili, spicy person hehehe.

So we call it balimbing (close to yours)jambu biji is guava to us.
manggis is mangosteen, jambu air is tambis. Interesting!! Thanks for sharing.

Belle said...

wow, you sure have an assortment of chili. since i live in Arizona, i have become to like chili in my cooking.

it has been a while since i ate tambis...actually a long time ago when i was kid and i have never eaten it again as the tree disappeared. super typhoon must have uprooted them.