April 14, 2008

Arrrrrgggghhhh Expo again????

I've just been swamped with work the last few days. Most of my days has been spent typing on the computer, doing office works, packed the stationery for expo, I have half packing my clothes but have not decided what shoes I will take with me, so busy thus not allowing for many blog posts. I have so much to write about but no time to write it!

I am heading over to Kota Kinabalu (KK), eastern part of Malaysia by a connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. Manufacturing Sabah will be held 17-20 April 2008 which is a bit odd to me as that means Thursday to Sunday!!! Really not fun working on Sunday especially when you have to stand on your feet all day from 11am to 7pm. As an exhibitor, of course, we have to come earlier. Normally this kind of expo is held from Wednesday to Saturday but I don't know why they schedule it differently. At the same time my boss wife reminded me to bring Sin$ 500 bank notes just in case the immigration will check on my visit. She said Indonesian girl travelling alone is often suspected as a prostitute or want to find jobs there. Hmmmm...how insulting! I don't know how true is her story but if the immigration asks me in Malay or Indonesian language, I will have to answer in English to give good impression. I was thinking to curse in Javanese, Sundanese or any dialects that I can remember if they create a problem for me...LOL! I did that in Vancouver airport last year to the Chinese lady who was attending the sandwich bar. She's very rude and I ended up saying something bad in Indonesian language!

Anyway, hopefully by next week, I'll be in full swing yet again and able to post about my trip.


Therry said...

Hehe ... no wonder you haven't posted as frequent as you used to (Baca: biasanya rajin maen ke blog sayah muekeke)

Damn, working on Sunday? Is there time for some "jalan-jalan"?

I have never cursed in Indo to a foreigner before, even when I was overseas. I used to think it's kind of like cheating - I want them to hear it!!!

Elyani said...

Hi Therry,

I was so happy the expo went well. Out of ordinary, I also had time to go for jalan-jalan around the town and did some shopping. KK is a great place to visit esp. if you like outbound trip. I wish to come back again one day but not for working.