April 22, 2008

Manufacturing Sabah

Hi everyone, I am safely home, back in Jakarta again after a week long trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The Expo was exhausting but fine and quite successful. Manufacturing Sabah 2008 is our first exhibition in east Malaysia state. We regularly participate in Johor Bahru, Penang and Kuala Lumpur expo but never in Sabah area. I think for the first timer in Sabah expo, we did make quite a lot of sales, esp. on the last 2 days. Of course it was not comparable with other places like JB, KL since we didn't know what's the market there like.

Other than expo, I truly enjoyed my first trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It took me 2 hours from Jakarta to KL and another 2,5 hours from KL to KK by a connecting flight. Kota Kinabalu airport was small, but well organized and there are some renovation going on to expand the area which resembles to KL airport construction (with lots of uprising slanted silver poles to support the roofs). Soon they will have a regional international airport with high standard. As for the buildings in KK town, they all look alike and square eg. shops/restaurants at the bottom and apartments above. I felt very safe wandering around this small and clean town, and enjoyed the sea front and the chinese food there! Sabah trade center is located not far from the sea-port which made me excited each time we passed by the beautiful seaside on our way to expo building. People here are also friendly, no one is trying to scam you, and accommodation, food, taxi is worth value. I wish I could stay longer and changed my departure date to Jakarta but my boss would kill me if I did that.

Below are a few out of many items we exhibited at Sabah Manufacturing 2008:
Various dial gauge stands
Angle Plate
Outside Micrometer and Micrometer Stand
Digital Height Gauge


Therry said...

Welcome back El!!!

You've been away for ages I thought I'd lost you!

Those machinaries look very complicated and fierce O_o

Elyani said...

Therry, they are not as scary as what you think..LOL! Measuring/machining tools are mathematic gadgets for those who are involved in manufacturing lines , machining/lathe workshops. Believe me I do not always know how to use them either but I do know what my customer is looking for when they asked me if I have certain calipers / three point micrometers / bore gauges with certain accuracy etc. A 0,01mm with a 0,001mm accuracy sure make a lot of difference in measurement.