April 8, 2008

Bandung through my lens

I am back! My weekend was great. I didn’t get enough sleep and I had severe migraine on my way back to Jakarta. I got to visit my friend, and was very happy to see her again. In all, I had a good times. More details in separate post. In the meantime,
here are a few random pictures from my trip to give you an idea of Bandung city.

Siliwangi Military Compound
Gedung Sate (Bandung Historical Building)

Bandung Central Post Office (next to Gedung Sate)
Heritage Factory Outlet (formerly used by the British Institute)


johnorford said...

nice pix, and wow, factory outlets are really taking over everything in bandung! :)

Elyani said...

Thanks John! Now they even went further by leasing part of the Post Office building for a new FO called Stamp with super-sizing A logo in front of the store.

johnorford said...

hahaha that's so cool!

the thing with bandung tho is, the distros are reeeeeally great, much better than FOs, imho...

Toni said...

My hometown, still make me homesick, after all these years. Second largest Art Deco building in the world after Miami, great isn't it? Hey, you have they aye of photographer, keep doing that.

Elyani said...

thanks Toni, am still learning :)