June 10, 2008

Justice is blind?

Apologies for the lack of posting lately. Been pretty busy these past few days, and alas, it was just spent here doing my usual boring life (work, work, work). Oh well.

Anyway, I was looking for a particular story on Detiknews.com this morning and actually saw this headline. It was a crime stories, but strange, and almost comical headlines...

Rich Taiwanese Woman's Murder
"Susan Murderers were Treated Like Celebrities by the Cops"

The story started when the police found a dead body buried inside a house in the housing complex in South Jakarta last week. Her name was Susan Shieh, she ran a garment business and had two big houses in Jakarta, one of which served as her office. She was murdered in her own home following a horrific attack during which she was beaten, banged to the wall and strangled to death. She was buried in the back yard about 500 meters away (which she used as her office house) from where the killing took place (her residence). Susan was found dead with both hands tied behind her back, and her legs were bent up and tied together. It turns out that one of the killers is her own husband. He got help from his gardener who had no choice but helping the beast because the gardener owed 7 million Rupiahs and hasn't been able to pay his debt. The husband then changed the telephone numbers so her relative in Taiwan could not contact her. With her death, she left about USD 700,000 in her account along with 2 big houses and a garment factory. Mr. husband somehow was able to change the ownership of the victim's bank account and the properties under his name. Whenever Mr. Husband was asked about his wife whereabout, he always told his neighbors that she went back to Taiwan. Everything looked fine and goes as planned, until one day (16 months later) the gardener who claimed he was being haunted by the poor woman and felt guilty over committing the murder, told his friend about his crime story. The friend then reported this story to the police.

The interesting part is that first the police said that money could be a motive in Susan's killing. A few hours later they (the police) said, the reason of the killing because Mr. Husband was mistreated by his wife during their 11 years of marriage life and was never involved in money coming in and out for the business. What makes me surprise is how the police being extra friendly to this beast by serving him food and drink in the chief police office room!!!! The beast was not even hand cuffed and being interrogated like a reporter interviewing some celebrity in E channel!!! Even funnier the police still weighed up whether it is necessary to check to the bank about the changed of Susan's bank account to her beast husband's name or not. Is this some kind of bad joke? It's definitely not what I expected to read in the news! Judging from the police behavior, I am afraid there will be some deals/negotiations that will make the bastard free of murder charges. Or worse blame everything to the gardener when in fact he is the one who mastermind this killing.

As a kid, my late father taught me to never trust the police. Running a shop selling coffee beans my dad often got a visit from the unwelcome visitors (read : cops) who were always asking money for this and that and they wouldn't take NO for an answer. In exchange we got a calendar from them. I think I am not wrong to say that our Police Dept. have violated the people's trust. It has long been regarded as one of the most corrupt and incompetent institutions in the country. They are powerless when they are badly needed like in the recent Monas rally attack. OK, they are not all bad ... but their image is already tarnished. What do you think???


Toni said...

Well, you know those thugs in uniform who make every excuses to extort people especially Chinese community here. Few good cops must surrender to the horrendous corrupt system, otherwise their career will be ended. Speaking of bloody cops, now they will be punishing minority group such as Ahmadiyah simply because of their faith. What a country we live here ? Angelina Jolie, please adopt me. LOL

the writer said...

Ah polisi....gw dulu bertugas di Mabes (bukan polisi lho yak, tapi sebagai wartawan) setahun setengah, dan kepercayaan gw pada polisi makin berkurang setiap harinya

sima said...

money talks. as simple as that.
this has much to do with corruption, which is in the blood of many people, as I wrote in the article below.


therry said...

How shameful is it if you have parents/relatives who work in the Indonesian police department / government? everybody knows how crooked they are, because they are feared because of their attributes, not the way they handle their duties for the country.

And look at how fat most of them are! You'd start to think logically whether a certain pot-bellied police man would be able to chase a thief suppose there is one, because he will sooner be out of breath due to his bulging waist and lack of exercise!!

there have been many unsolved murder cases in Jakarta that just simply disappeared without a trace, and what's even worse is that we, as the people, tend to accept it just as it is. It's a saddening state this country has become.

rimafauzi said...

I think Indonesian police cannot be trusted. I also think the government cannot be trusted, most people in the state departments and institutions can be trusted. In short, most people linked to the government in a anyway cannot be trusted.

Proud to be Indonesian.

Elyani said...

Yeah, only in Indonesia you have to pay to become a police officer. It doesn't matter if you pass the exam or not. If you don't pay and your tests are good, you won't become a police officer. But if you pay and fail the exam, you can still become a police officer. Smart isn't it? LOL!

Fun said...

yup! duit berbicara di zaman sekarang ini.. tapi masi banyak kok mbak yang masi punya hati nurani... cuman karena dah didominasi ama yang jelek, akhirnya imagenya jadi ikutan jelek deh..