June 2, 2008

Pink beauties

I made another trip to Kuntum Nursery in Bogor yesterday with my niece, nephew, and their parents. My brother, as usual, immediately headed to the fish pond and spent his time fishing thru the day. The great thing about going to Kuntum Nursery is they do not charge you an entry fee. But you get to pay for renting the fishing rod and pay for your catch should you desire to bring the fishes home. The girls, as usual, were busy checking the variety of food at the food stalls there, while my niece Van was playing with nephew Alex. Overall, it was a great place to spend your Sunday afternoon to chat over some foods and watch the world go by. After spending time with the little critters, I walked thru the place and found these pretty pink trumpet like flowers on the ground. The almost dry flowers falling from its tree looked pretty in my eyes. I am not sure what's the name of this flowers, but I sure do love it! They are simple and elegant, yet exotic without being weird.


sima said...

they are beautiful. i didn't know that you are a good photographer.

Elyani said...

@Mbak Sima : thanks, masih dalam taraf belajar, kameranya juga kamera poket kok!