June 26, 2008

Questions of the week

1. On what occasion do you lie?

2. What is it that you most dislike?

3. What is your marked characteristic?

4. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

5. What is your greatest fear?


therry said...

1. Um.. at times like these? :P

2. People who abuse dogs

3. Artistic

4. Having always messed up sleeping pattern that I can't shake off

5. When it's time to face God and be responsible for the time I had on earth, and whether I've used all the talents that He gave me for the good purpose, or whether I've wasted it all away....

toni said...

1. Umm, when my boss say :"how are you today ?"
2. People who think they are God.
3. Silly but handsome. Very LOL.
4. Wasting time on-line like now
5. Meet with ghost in the toilet

rimafauzi said...

1. When I have no choice.

2. If i say dishonesty, that is a lie. SO, it's gotta be people who profit from the less fortunate.

3. loud mouthed and opinionated. Speak now think later. lol

4. lack of self confidence that i disguise in a mask of over self confidence.

5. Fear of losing everything I care about.

wow.. such heavy questions for this early in the morning!

Lorraine said...

1. It depends on the situations. I see them as the so called white lies.
2. Violence
3. Assertive & look at things always at the bright side
4. I want to do too much in too little time.
5. Losing my family

Elyani said...

1. When my boss is calling me and I'm not on my desk.
2. Hatred, fanaticism, violence of any kind.
3. Loyalty to friends and family.
4. I can stand up for everyone, except myself.
5. To die in agony. If I die, I want it fast and painless.

Finally Woken said...

1. I'm a terrible liar! But there's another way to say that the deadline cannot be met...
2. Hypocrisy and lies.
3. Feisty a.k.a short tempered.
4. It's hard to forgive myself when I did something stupid, should cut myself some slack...
5. No wifi in the room and I can't access internet!