June 27, 2008

Too much anger

Anger is often viewed as an immature response to frustration. We may express our anger in uncontrolled outbursts or emotions, and we keep piling up those bitter feelings. Perhaps you are angry at a close friend who said something hurtful. Maybe your boyfriend cheated on you. Your friend gossiped about you. Whatever it is, you feel hurt and angry, and you nurse those resentments - sometimes for months, sometimes for years. The people who most likely to hurt us are usually those closest to us — our friends, work colleagues, partners, relatives. These wounds can leave you with lasting feelings of anger, bitterness and grudges.

My older brother has not spoken to my youngest brother since my nephew , A, was born almost 3 years ago. I don't know exactly what happened between the two of them but until today it looks like the older bro still has a problem with forgiving. Hearing from my youngest bro who is very close to me, I believe it is merely a misunderstanding, but men have huge egos. On the other hand, my oldest sister is very forgiving and quick to get over things. I am somewhat in between. I've sometimes held a grudge for a while but it usually passes quite quickly. I know I'm capable of being unintentionally rude or insensitive myself if I'm under stress but I never stay mad for too long anyway so I tend to let most things go.

So, are you a forgiving soul or do you hold grudges against people?


Lorraine said...

I'm kind of forgive but not forget type. One doesn;t have to 'feed' the anger as this will grow so much that the cause of it would fade away. One more thing: being angry is not wrong, but staying angry is a negative emotion which I'd love to avoid.

Have a nice week end!

Fun said...

aku tipe yang ga bisa maafin orang secepatnya... tapi ga dendam..cuman ngelupain rasa kesal itu ga gampang.. bagiku loh ya :)

sima said...

rata2 sih yg ga dendam2 amat.. tp ya seperti lorraine bilang, ga gampang lupa.

rimafauzi said...

i think im stupid sometimes cos i can forgive and forget. but the thing is, i unconsciously expect the same from other people, and they are unlike me at all, so i end up getting hurt.

but oh well, life is short enough and i think that if i live my life holding grudges to others, i cant be totally happy. so i choose to be free of negativity..


therry said...

I forgive, but I find it hard to forget. But I find comfort that those who've crossed me have got their comeuppances lol

Marisa said...

In my opinion, anger is a healthy human emotion. What's unhealthy is letting it control us, and enslave us to the point that our life is driven by anger and hatred.